Sweat 4 Pets 10K Recap


Last Sunday, I ran in the Sweat 4 Pets 10K, at the park right across the street from my apartment. I shared 3 goals in my preview: to PR, to Place, and to Have Fun. Guess what?! I reached all three goals in this race!

All of us participating in this race were so fortunate- it was extremely nice day for St. Louis in November. There were sunny skies and around race time the temperature was in the mid 50’s. It was a perfect day to run!

With this race being right across the street, I was lucky enough to not have to worry about parking or getting there late or too early. I walked over at about 8:30 and then got to the start line at about 10 minutes later. The race started by one of the many pavilions in the park, and around the pavilion there were other racers and many volunteers. There were tables set up with various booths and then a table with all the raffle baskets. The raffle baskets were really cute and had many different themes. Some were dog treats, others were full of books, then there were Christmas decorations, and there was a huge jar full of chocolate! I bought 6 raffle tickets for $5. The drawing was held after the race, but I bought my tickets beforehand so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it after.

There was a lot of confusion which direction the race was going at the start. Runners who had ran it before were pointing one way, and then some of the volunteers were pointing the other way. (It was confusing because the sign said “FINISH” on both sides!) Finally the race director came over and pointed to the correct direction where we would be starting (going uphill, BOO!).

This was a small race, VERY small! And the majority of people seemed to be walking or just doing the 5K. The 5K went in a loop all the way around the park, and then the 10K did that same loop, just twice. I was very familiar with this route because it’s the one I basically do every day that I run.

I started a really fast pace- my first mile was around 7 minutes! After I heard that from my Nike + GPS, I decided to slow down a bit or I knew that I would burn out. So for the first loop (5K) I was around 23:35, and it was a pace I could keep up with a lot better. I tried to just keep it up the second time around and I did pretty well with that. The end sucked because it was uphill, but I saw Justin and Lilli waiting for me (and Lilli literally howling!) and it gave me the extra boost to finish so that I would get to hang out with them.

Almost at the finish line, just have to get up the final hill!

Almost at the finish line, just have to get up the final hill!

I crossed the finish line and then a little past the finish there was a large television screen that posted the live results. I spotted my name and saw the time of 48:16 (my previous 10K PR was 49:56!) and next to my name it said I was first place in my age division! Woo-hoo! I should also let you know, though, that there were only 4 people all together in my age group, but hey, I still won! haha. Altogether, I finished 3rd out of 30 for the women, and 8th out of 43 overall.

With my medal!

With my medal!

This race was a lot of fun and I am so happy I participated in in. It was for an awesome price ($20), a great cause, and I always love racing in my home park.




4 thoughts on “Sweat 4 Pets 10K Recap

  1. Way to go Lauren!

  2. Yay for the PR and for placing 1st in your division! That’s awesome that the race was right across the street and you were so familiar with it. Sounds like a lot of fun plus a cute medal.

  3. AWESOME! WTG! Congrats on placing, that’s awesome! This sounds like a great race, and it’s a cute medal!

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