Recap of 2014 Races (Part 1)

Unfortunately, time slipped away from me last night and I still didn’t finish my Hot Chocolate 15k recap.  I promise, I’ll have it up on Friday!

I know it’s not technically the end of 2014, but it’s the end of my 2014 running year.  Sunday marked my final race of 2014.  If I wasn’t going to Disney in January and I didn’t have to work, I would have totally signed up to run the Rt 66 Half Marathon at the end of November.  It’s on my radar for 2015 🙂

I wanted to take this time to briefly recap my 2014 races:

–It all started in January with the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon in Jackson, MS.  I had heard so much about this race and it certainly lived up to the hype!  The medal was awesome, swag great (harmonica, reusable bag, pullover) and overall a great race.  The hills sucked, but the weather was great and I did fairly well.


–After Mississippi, I really wanted to run another half before my big “goal” race (Nike Women’s Half).   After looking around, I thought Little Rock sounded like a great idea.  The drive down was pretty uneventful, but during the race, the weather drastically took a turn for the worst and made getting home a nightmare.  Overall, a great race, awesome organization, big medal and a story to remember (*RECAP* Pt. 1Pt. 2)

–In March, I did my first “repeat” race—the Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  Even though I smashed my previous 8k time, I was overall disappointed in the crowds, t-shirt and expo craziness.  I will not be registering for this race again… remind me of this in 2015 if I even think about it!  (*RECAP*)

–When Lauren and I got into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC in December, I was so excited!  After reading that this course was flat, I decided that I wanted this race to be my “goal” race for 2014—to go under 2:20.  It was a great race—great time hanging out with my sister, Phu, Kathryn and Brandon, getting a Tiffany necklace, and smashing my goal!  (*RECAP*)

–Looking for great deals, I signed up for my Wisconsin half marathon on New Years Eve—Summeriest Rock N Sole in Milwaukee.  This was a pretty good race—beautiful landscape, Hoan Bridge, and a decent medal.  I learned a valuable lesson during this race though—I must replace my shoes ever 300-500 miles (I had been wearing the same shoes since November 2013-June 2014—YIKES!) when I started experiencing horrible knee pain about 4 miles into the race.  (*RECAP*).

–I didn’t have any races lined up for July and I made a last minute decision to run a local 10k, the Frontier Days Stampede Run  10K, at my park district.  It was my first 10k in almost a year and it was a “fun” run with a PR.   (*RECAP*)

I’ll recap the final 6 next week and then in December, I’ll reveal the 2015 schedule (currently planned out thru May 2015).



One thought on “Recap of 2014 Races (Part 1)

  1. Nice – I can’t believe it is almost 2015! I had a work trip to Milwaukee last year the same weekend as the Solefest, but didn’t realize there was a half going on that weekend! Maybe next time.

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