Weekly Recap


Monday, November 3rd: 21 Day Fix DVD

Tuesday, November 4th: 21 Day Fix DVD

Wednesday, November 5th: 7 mile run, 21 Day Fix DVD

Thursday, November 6th: 4 mile run, 21 Day Fix DVD

Friday, November 7th: Rest Day

Saturday, November 8th: 4 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Sunday, November 9th: Sweat 4 Pets 10K + 7 mile training run

While this was supposed to be a slower week in my Walt Disney World Marathon training plan (because Sunday’s long run was decreased a bit), it definitely did not feel like a slow week to me! I ran a total of 28.22 miles, and completed many 21 Day Fix DVD’s. Between all these workouts, the time change, and a little cold I had come on – let me tell you I was beat come Sunday night!

My "trainer" Autumn Calabrese!

My “trainer” Autumn Calabrese!

For the readers keeping track, this was the third week of the 21 Day Fix program for me. So technically the program is “over” but I am going to continue it until at least the week of Thanksgiving. I really love the exercises and am definitely seeing results. During this round of the program, I am going to try even harder to eat better. I have incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet than I had before I started, but I wasn’t very good at cutting out the bad stuff (like pumpkin pie and Halloween candy….the temptation was just too much!) I will give a full review of the program later on, but let me just say Autumn Calabrese (trainer in the DVDs) is freakin’ amazing. Her body is basically my dream body and she is motivational without coming across as phony.  I just love her.

After the 10K, just a bit tired!

After the 10K, just a bit tired!

My race on Sunday went awesome! I will just say that I reached ALL of my goals that I outlined on Friday, and I will give you guys a full recap of the race later this week. I can’t believe I only have one more race remaining for 2014 – the Hot Chocolate 15K on December 15th. This year has been so amazing and life-changing to me when it comes to running and fitness and I don’t want it to end! 😦

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Let me leave you with this little gif I made from a picture from one of my runs last week. Fall has been making me so happy lately and I’m sure many of you would agree!

It's the most wonderful running time of the year....

It’s the most wonderful running time of the year….






One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Woohoo! Yay for meeting your goals! Haha, I always love how on marathon training plans, your “slow” week has a 7-miler, a couple of 3- or 4-milers, a 13-miler…LOL. Yeah, right.

    Also? I LOVE THAT IT’S FALL SO MUCH. This is the BEST time of the year for running! 🙂

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