Weekly Recap



Monday, November 3: Rest Day

Tuesday, November 4: Rest Day

Wednesday, November 5: Rest Day

Thursday, November 6: 45 minutes running (4.26 miles at 10:33 pace on treadmill)

Friday, November 7: 45 minutes running (4.26 miles at 10:33 pace on treadmill)

Saturday, November 8: Rest Day

Sunday, November 9: Hot Chocolate 15k Chicago (9.3 miles at 10:43 pace for 1:39:51)

What a crazy week!  My run on Tuesday was pushed to Wednesday because I forgot to charge my phone and then on Wednesday, I ate something bad for lunch and didn’t feel good at all to run.  Therefore, I had to make sure to get my two 45 minute runs in before Sunday on Thursday and Friday.  I successfully got in all my runs and I hope I don’t have to move my runs around anymore.

Now, my complete focus is on the Dopey Challenge.  I have 8 full weeks of training and then it will be the marathon week.  Wow, I cannot believe how close it is getting.  It seemed like just yesterday that I was “thinking” about doing the Dopey Challenge… then I signed up for it… and then the training officially started in July.  Now, I’m only 8 weeks away from the week of the races.  3 of those weeks have super high mileage (20, 23,26)—I’m not sure if I’ll actually do 26… I’m thinking I’m going to make those 3 all 20 mile runs, but we’ll see how the weather is on those days.

I’ll recap Sunday’s race on Wednesday!  It was fun and again is one of those “one and done” races for me.  It was my final race of 2014.  I did 12 races in 2014 (7 halfs, 2 10ks, 1 15k, 1 8k and 1 5k)—this was a definite increase over 7 races in 2013.  I cannot wait to share my recap of 2014 and my 2015 schedule soon as well.

Stay warm!



One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Awesome job! Looking forward to reading more about the Hot Chocolate race. I’m amazing how fast Dopey training flies by…I remember it pretty much consumed my life, but then the race(s) really sneak up on you! You’re gonna kill it! 🙂

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