Hot Chocolate 15K Weekend!

Sunday marks my last race of 2014. What a year it’s been!!

I really wanted to do the Hot Chocolate 5k last year but the day of the race, I was in Ireland. I’m glad I didn’t end up signing up for St Louis last year with Lauren because the weather was horrible. When I got my new job this summer, I knew that I wanted to try and put this race back on my calendar.

My original plan was just to do the 5k, but when it was announced that there would be a special medal for the 15k, I just knew that I had to have it.

This race is definitely different than most of the other races I’ve run. First off, I’ve never done a 15k, so it will be an automatic PR. I have no idea what my goal time should be, but I’m thinking anything under 1:35 will make me happy. It’s supposed to be cold on Sunday (high will be 40 degrees), so I’m not expecting anything spectacular at all. Secondly, it was pretty expensive. This race cost me almost $80. That’s a crazy amount of money to pay for a race—let alone a 15k! The “goodie bag” you get for this race is pretty good—a very nice fleece hoodie, bag, lots of chocolate, plus the medal. This will probably be another one and done race for me. Half marathons are my main focus right now and $80 can be spent on a hotel for one of my races.

I’ll be heading to the expo on Saturday morning—it’s held at one of my least favorite locations in downtown Chicago, McCormick Place, which means I will need to drive to it, since it is inaccessible via public transportation. There are over 40,000 people doing this race, but I’m hoping it’s not too crowded at the expo when I go since it’s also open today and tomorrow.

I’ll be back next week with a recap!

Stay warm!



One thought on “Hot Chocolate 15K Weekend!

  1. Love how you mention McCormick Place as one of your least favorite locations. I agree. But I will disagree on it being inaccessible via public transportation.

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