Armpocket Racer Review

A few months ago, I shared with you how much I loved the Armpocket i-10 armband. Then a couple of weeks ago, I announced on the blog that Kathleen and I are now Armpocket Ambassadors. Thus, we will get products to review from time to time, and also have special giveaways for you all 🙂
Recently, I received the Armpocket Racer armband. I was very excited to try this one out because it was a bit thinner than the i-10 armband so I figured it would be a better running armband for races. Here are some pictures of the armband and then some pros and cons of this product.
The front of the Armpocket Racer armband.

The front of the Armpocket Racer armband.

Adjustable strap on armband.

Adjustable strap on armband.

Easily able to slip your phone into the top of the Racer.

Easily able to slip your phone into the top of the Racer.

Thin Design:
     -The i10 armband is a bit bulkier because you can fit more things into the Armpocket armband to carry along with you on your run. While this is very convenient for when you want to bring more with you on your run, I don’t always need to carry that many extra things with me. So, this armband is an awesome size because it is not heavy at all on your arm, and you can still easily fit your phone in (mine fits even with a case), and there is also a compartment inside for your ID.
   -The Armpocket Racer armband does NOT slip! I’ve taken this armband on short runs and runs over 10 miles, and it has not slipped once! Once you have adjusted it on your arm before you start your run, you will not have to worry about it moving throughout the course of your run! Also, I sweat a lot, but it is water resistant so sweat does not make it slip at all. (NOTE: This Armpocket Racer is sweat and water resistant and weather proof but NOT water proof. So don’t expect to drop it in a bucket of water and expect for your phone to be fine! 🙂 )
   – The armband is very comfortable on your arm. It has a memory foam padding which I think really aids in the comfort factor. I have had armbands in the past that are itchy or even have made me chafe, but I have had none of these issues with this product. A while into my run, I forget it is even there because it is so comfortable 🙂
Audio access:
    –There is an opening on the bottom for your headphones to plug into, and it is very easy for your cord to plug in. With other armbands, I have had problems with the opening not being wide enough to fit my audio port in or the opening not lining up correctly with my device, but the Armpocket Racer was very well designed so that this is not a problem.
Compatible with many different phones:
    I recently switched to the iPhone 5, but this armband is nice because it fits many different versions of the iPhone. It will fit any phone up to 5.5 inches which includes the iPhone 6, 5c, 5s, 5, 4s, 4. This is great because chances are the next time I change my phone it will be to the iPhone 6, so I won’t have to worry about buying a new armband to fit my phone.
But if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t think this product is not for you! The Racer is compatible with several other phones and here are the other models of phones that it will work with:
Z10, Q10, P’9982, BoldHuawei:
Ascend G6, G6 (4G), P6LG:
Realm, Volt, LucidMotorola:
Moto X, Moto G, G 4G with LTENokia:
Lumia 1020, Lumia 925Samsung:
Galaxy Avant, Galaxy SIII

Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR

-Perfect for runs in the dark:
    –A nice feature of this Armpocket armband is that it has high visibility reflective piping on the outside, so your arm will now stand out in the dark. This is a nice safety feature and I feel like more armbands should also have this.
Different strap band sizes:
    When you order the Armpocket Racer you have the option of a small or medium arm-strap size. I can’t tell you how much trouble I have had in the past with armbands simply because they only provide one size and usually that size seems to only be XXXXXL! (This might be a slight exaggeration). But seriously, this is so annoying to people with small arms because if the arm-strap is not the correct size, then there is no way it is going to stay in place. The small size arm-strap that I received was adjustable and was absolutely perfect for me.
While I received this product free to test out, the price of the armband is very reasonable – $24.95. I have paid way more for armbands in the past that have ended up not working correctly, so I think the price of this armband that has so many great features and will definitely work, is definitely a positive.
-No color options:
   – The only color available for this Armpocket is black. While black is fine because it matches everything, I would like to see additionally colors or patterns for this product.
Volume adjustment:
    –With this design, you are unable to change the volume of your music from the buttons on your phone because they are covered by the material. It would be nice if there was an opening or something so that you can adjust the volume. Usually I know what volume I want at the beginning of my run so it is not a problem, but sometimes I need it to be louder if there is too much noise in the background from cars or an event going on where I am running.
Recently, though, I got a new pair of yurBuds with the volume adjuster on the headphone cords. I am suspecting that many of the new headphones have this capability, so now it is not as big of a deal for me that I can not adjust the volume on the case!
Overall thoughts:
I absolutely love this Armpocket product. I had been using the Armpocket i-10 for all my runs (which I still like a lot especially when I want to bring more with me on my run), but the Racer has now taken over as my preferred everyday armband. I would definitely recommend you all look into this armband more because I am sure you would all become as big of a fan of it as I have. Check out the graphic below for an exclusive discount code for Sister to Sister Running Blog readers!
armpocket collage

That’s right…from now until November 17th you can receive $5 off a $49.95 purchase with the exclusive discount code: 5OFFLB. Go to now to take advantage of this awesome deal!


5 thoughts on “Armpocket Racer Review

  1. I love my armpocket too! That’s a good idea to get one of the smaller ones for when you don’t need to carry as much. I didn’t even think about the volume issue because I have one of those earbuds with the volume control on the wire too. So handy 🙂

    • yes, I must have been behind the times before with my old headphones that didn’t have that feature! haha. but I’m happy you love your Armpocket too! They are really so awesome! 🙂

  2. I have a review up on my armpocket today, too 🙂 Love it!

  3. I bought the Arm Pocket Racer at the Marine Corp Marathon Expo and I love it so far. Only have about 35 or 40 miles with it but it has performed well. Sometimes I need a little more space for stuff (keys, Cards, etc) but the feel is so comfortable. Great product, love Arm Pockets!

  4. I have one (another brand) and the thing I do not like about it is that it slides down. So annoying.

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