Weekly Recap


Monday, October 27—Rest Day

Tuesday, October 28—Rest Day

Wednesday, October 29—Rest Day

Thursday, October 30— 45 minutes running (4.21 miles at 10:42 pace on treadmill)

Friday, October 31—Rest Day

Saturday, November 1—45 minutes running (4.25 miles at 10:35 pace on treadmill)

Sunday, November 2—6 mile run (11:05 pace)

I’m so happy to see this week done!  I had my biggest event of the entire year on Friday evening at work.  I was responsible for our Halloween Bonanza event at my park district.  Carnival games, trick or treating, hayrides, crafts and a haunted house for 3 hours for almost 500 children and their families!  Needless to say, even though Friday was a “rest day”—I had 28,000+ steps on my fitbit (that’s almost a half marathon day!).

I still got in all my scheduled runs even with the craziness… thank goodness it was a slower week, so I could switch a few things around.  This week is supposed to be a busy mileage week, but with my 15k race on Sunday, I have to switch around my weeks again.  I really hope this is the last week that I have to switch up things. I think it will be, especially considering the big race is less than 10 weeks away now!

I’ll talk about my 15k coming up on Sunday later this week…. Excited to finally get to run in the Hot Chocolate race series, get a great zip up, a cool medal, and of course chocolate!



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