Weekly Recap

Monday, October 27th: 21 Day Fix DVD

Tuesday, October 28th: 21 Day Fix DVD

Wednesday, October 29th: 4 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Thursday, October 30th: 7 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Friday, October 31st: 4 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Saturday, November 1st: Rest Day

Sunday, November 2nd: 15 miles running

My marathon training plan for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January is definitely increasing in intensity! During the week I had to run a total of 15 miles, and then on Sunday I had my longest run (since probably May) with a 15 mile run. So I had a total of 30 miles running this week, on top of the 21 Day Fix DVD’s and my several walks with Lilli. Surprisingly though, my body does not feel that sore or tired! I am making sure I get enough rest days and I think all the cross training I do is definitely beneficial.

I was really kind of dreading my 15 mile run on Sunday morning. I like to run in the morning so that I am not thinking about it all day, but when I checked the weather forecast the night before, I was a little freaked! It was going to be in the 30’s for the start of my run. Last week was so nice in the 60’s, almost 70’s, but I knew that beautiful weather wasn’t going to last. So I put together my clothes the night before, and made sure I had enough layers so that I would not be frozen. I wore a tank under my long sleeve shirt, and then my running jacket over it. I also had on long leggings, wool socks, a hat, and gloves.

At the start of my long run on Sunday, it said it was 34 degrees but when I started to run I noticed that I was very comfortable and not cold at all. This worried me because I sweat A LOT during my runs! (Seriously, it’s gross!) Sure enough, 3 miles in the sweat was pouring down my back, and I realized I needed to go back to where I parked the car and drop off my jacket. I am so happy I did because once I took that off and started running again, I felt SOOOOO much better!

My training plan says that I should take the long runs very easy and go 60-90 secs slower than my planned marathon pace. I am not yet exactly sure what pace I plan to run the marathon at, but I assume I will strive for 9:45-10 minute miles. So this means that I should be going at a 10:45-11:15 minute pace per mile. I just can’t do this. It seems like when I try to go at this slower pace, I just end up more tired and it seems like I feel the pain even more! Instead, I try to go at a comfortable pace (not too fast or slow) and I have felt pretty good attacking my long runs like this. For my long run on Sunday, my overall pace ended up being 9:41/mile and that felt comfortable to me.

long run 11_2

This week, I will have the same distances for my runs during the weekend, but it is a bit of a rest week as my long run on Sunday goes down to 13.1 miles. This is good for me because I will be running in a 10K Sunday morning, so I will just do the remaining 7 miles after that. I will talk more about this race later in the week, but I am excited for it because it is in the park across the street and it benefits one of my favorite things – animal shelters! It should be a great race.

One more thing – we now have an official domain name for the Blog – http://www.s2srunning.com ! We also have more exciting updates coming soon and I am very pumped about all the new additions coming to the blog! :))

I hope everyone has a great week! My week will be made if my Indianapolis Colts beat the Giants tonight. So, GO COLTS!



5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Wow, great job on those miles! I struggled with my run on Sunday too because of the cold and the wind. It seems like a lot of the country was dealing with those conditions 😦

  2. I completely understand about feeling tired when you run slower than you are comfortable. My training plans say to do the same thing but I never can do it either. I always just run at a comfortable pace. Great job on getting those miles in during the cold weather. I always find cold runs just as satisfying in the end, but started is so difficult!!!

    • I am happy I am not the only one with this problem! And yes, I feel very accomplished when they are complete, but it is so hard to find the motivation when it is so cold out!

  3. So cool on the domain name. Love it!

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