Weekly Recap

Monday, October 20—Rest Day

Tuesday, October 21—45 minutes running (4.26 miles at 10:33 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, October 22—Rest Day

Thursday, October 23— 45 minutes running (4.24 miles at 10:37 pace on treadmill)

Friday, October 24—Rest Day

Saturday, October 25—7 mile walk (15:00 pace)

Sunday, October 26—17 mile run (11:13 pace)


Wow, what a week!!  First, work was absolutely hectic with two huge events on Friday and Saturdaynight, plus a ton of other work responsibilities throughout the week.  I’ll be happy when I can get back to doing my weekly runs outside.  Then, my friend from Indiana came in on Friday evening, so I had to rush downtown to see her and my friend Stacy on Saturday morning and then had lunch with them on Sunday.  It was great to see it, but it was tough with marathon training.


The mileage this week was intense.  Last week in my Dopey training program was supposed to be the crazy week, but with Detroit and another work event, I knew that it was smart to just delay it a week.  I wanted to make sure I followed the program this week exactly since Disney is a four day in a row deal.  For my seven mile walk, I had to start early—as in 6 am—about an hour before it was even light outside.  Since that is not very safe, I didn’t listen to any music for the first hour.  It was pretty boring!!  I wish I had someone to do these walks with!!  They get a little lonely and boring on the walks.

And then came Sunday, the big one, my furthest distance ever—17 miles.  I didn’t really plot out my route so I just decided to go with it.  I was slightly nervous, but I knew I could do it.  My plan was to complete the run in 3:15 and I finished in 3:10 J.  My ultimate goal for the marathon is to run it in 12:00minute pace or under which would put me at 5:14—but again the final goal is just to finish the race in the required time of 7:00 hours.  I had a pretty good run and didn’t push too hard so I could successfully finish.  I stopped at the half marathon mark to go to the bathroom and refill my water bottle and then I got right back outside to finish the final four miles.  Once I finished, I still had a mile walk to my car… I did pretty well with my walking, so I really did 18 miles J.  Either way, the marathon is only another 9 miles—and I think I can do it!!  It won’t be pretty or easy, but I know I’ll get it done.

I have a slower training week this week—only two 45 minute runs and a six mile run on the weekend.  Good thing because my largest event of the year will be on Friday evening, so I’ll be busy all week gearing up for that at work.

Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Are you going to plan to stop for any character pics during the Marathon? If so, that’ll of course add to your time, but after all its Disney, and that’s part of the environment of the race!

  2. Good job on the training! When you run on the treadmill do you increase the incline?

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