Walt Disney Marathon Training Log – Lauren


Monday, October 20: Rest day

Tuesday, October 21: 4 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Wednesday, October 22: 7 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Thursday, October 23: 4 miles running, 21 Day Fix DVD

Friday, October 24: 21 Day Fix DVD

Saturday, October 25: 21 Day Fix DVD

Sunday, October 26: 14 miles running

This was a great week of fitness for me! On Monday, I took a rest day so that my body could fully recover from the half marathon. So, I started my 21 Day Fix DVDs on Tuesday and did 2 DVD’s on Friday to make up for the one I missed. I am really loving the 21 Day Fix workouts, they are challenging but are only 30 minutes so it’s pretty easy to push yourself to finish them. I am loosely following the food plan given. At first I thought I was going to go all out and follow it to a T. But since I don’t want to lose any weight and I actually need more calories since I am running so much, I am not feeling too bad about eating more than the plan allows. I am still eating way more fruits, veggies and protein than I am used to, and I am realizing how important those food groups are for your diet.

My runs during the week were each 1 mile longer than they have been the past several weeks on my marathon training plan and then on Sunday I had a really great 14 mile run. It was a beautiful day to run, sunny and in the 60s, and I really felt like I could run much longer! We’ve been so lucky to have these unusual warmer weather as of late, but I am very aware that this is not going to last forever. Another part that made my run so awesome on Sunday was that instead of listening to music, I listened to an audiobook (This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper). I really enjoyed listening to the nook while I was running and I thought it kind of helped me to not think about the run and how many miles I had to go, but instead just focus on the story.

During my long run on Sunday, I tested out a new fuel – Jelly Belly Sport Beans. Kathleen has raved about this product to me, so I decided to buy some and test them out. I’m so happy I did, because they are delicious! I will definitely be using these to fuel all my long runs from now on!



And just wanted to share a little Halloween-ish spirit with you with my new favorite headband from SweatyBands!



I’ll be back on Wednesday with a full recap of my Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis Half Marathon. Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Walt Disney Marathon Training Log – Lauren

  1. Oh, great idea about listening to audio books during long runs! I’ve just been listening to music but I can see how this would be more engaging and make the miles go by a bit faster.

  2. I love the Jelly Belly sports beans. I have never had the extreme ones before but I love the regular ones.

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