Weekly Recap

Monday, October 13—45 minutes running (4 miles at 11:17 pace on treadmill)

Tuesday, October 14—45 minutes running (4.26 miles at 10:33 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, October 15—Rest Day

Thursday, October 16— 45 minutes running (4.28 miles at 10:31 pace on treadmill)

Friday, October 17—Rest Day

Saturday, October 18—Rest Day

Sunday, October 19—Detroit Chevy Dealers Intl’ Half Marathon 2:23:46 (13.1 miles at 10:58 pace)

What a busy week!!  I left Chicago on Saturday at 1:50 pm for Detroit (I made my flight with no issues) and I was back in Chicago by 3:00 pm today.  How crazy!!  I’m really exhausted from the experience—Detroit is on Eastern Time, so I was felt like I was up at 3 am this morning and now it’s 8:30 pm Central Time as I am writing this.  I’ll have a quick expo recap and full race recap on Wednesday.  My goal for the race was 2:20… I didn’t hit my goal, but honestly, I’m not upset at all.  I had a great race in Omaha last month and I have a 17 mile run next week—so I wasn’t planning on going all out anyways.

This week is going to be intense—work, personally and running wise.  Triple whammy.  For work, I have two huge events—one on Friday evening and one on Saturday evening.  Friday night’s event has a good chance of being cancelled, but I won’t really know until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Personally, I have a good friend coming into town on Friday evening and staying until Sunday lunchtime.  One of my best friend’s Stacy and I went to Ireland in November 2013.  It has always been a dream of mine to go to Ireland and in December 2012, Stacy and I decided to make that dream a reality (what a great friend).  We went with a tour group and we made some great new friends.  One of those people was Erin who actually lives in Indiana!  So, Erin will be staying at Stacy’s this weekend and we’re going to be hanging out at some Chicago places and hopefully planning our next big trip J.  But I am also training for my marathon, so that doesn’t stop this weekend.  This past week called for a 7 mile walk on Saturday and a 17 mile run on Sunday.  With work and travel on Saturday, it just wasn’t feasible to do my 7 mile walk and since I didn’t have time for the 7 mile walk, I knew that it wouldn’t be smart to do 17.  So I flip flopped the weeks.  Besides the following week is a cutback week too… so it’s not like I’ll be doing a 17 miler and then a 19 miler the following weekend.  

I cannot wait to hear all about Lauren’s big weekend tomorrow… she had quite the racing weekend!




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