A Rockin’ Weekend Ahead!


I am SO pumped that the weekend is finally here! I have been looking forward to this weekend all year, because I will be running in two Rock ‘n’ Roll events – the 5K on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday. Since I will be running in two events, I will earn the Remix Challenge Medal, which is a new aspect of the race weekend.

On Friday after work, I will be heading over to the Expo to pick up my bibs and packet for the races. The Expo will be from 9-6 on Friday, and I get off at 5 so hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad on Friday so that I can easily get downtown to pick up my packet. The one thing I don’t like about the Rock ‘n’ Roll races is that you have to be there in person to pick up your packet and cannot have another person pick it up for you. If I wasn’t doing the 5K on Saturday, then I would have been fine going to the Expo on Saturday, but since I need my bibs for Saturday’s race, I have no other choice. I am considering going back to the Expo on Saturday during the day, since I probably won’t have much time on Friday to browse around.

I keep going back and fourth in my mind on my plan for Saturday’s 5K. At first I was thinking that I would just take it easy so that my legs wouldn’t be too tired going into the half on Sunday morning. But I am afraid that my competitive nature will take over and push me to go faster on Saturday! So, I feel like I want to be somewhere in between- not going totally at an easy pace, but definitely not looking to PR for Saturday.

On Sunday, my ultimate goal is to go under 2 hours for the half marathon. I have been working so hard after the disappointment of the Nike Half Marathon, where I ended just short of my goal. I have to be around at least a 9:09 per mile pace, and I definitely think that this will be attainable. I just have to push myself through those tough miles in the middle where I always feel like going slower.

The weather is looking beautiful this weekend in STL, with highs around 63 for both Saturday and Sunday. Right now, it looks like it is supposed to be sunny with NO chance of rain! Hopefully I will be back next week with good news about my race weekend!



One thought on “A Rockin’ Weekend Ahead!

  1. Luckily the time difference for my race will be in my favor on Sunday to track you 🙂 My advice for Saturday– take it easy… you really are looking for a PR on Sunday… so you want to have fresh legs!

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