Diving into Detroit!


While watching the Chicago Marathoners on Sunday, I kept thinking in the back of my mind… my weekend is next weekend!  And now, I am 1 run and 3 days away from the start of the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon!  This was one of the races I signed up for on New Years Eve at 11 pm (I didn’t want to miss out on the great deal of $50 for the race) and I have only heard great things about the race.

Unfortunately, with my new job, I am unable to have the exact weekend I was planning on having when I signed up for the race.  My original plan was to go up on Friday with my aunt and grandma to go gambling and then drive home on Sunday.  When I got my new job and realized I had an event on Saturday, those plans were scrapped.  Plus my aunt and grandma went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago so they didn’t mind the lack of gambling.  I still desperately wanted to do the race.  With the time change that doesn’t go in my favor, finding a flight from Chicago to Detroit was the only option.

I’ll be getting into Detroit around 4:10 and the expo closes at 7 pm.  The airport is about 30 miles away from the city center, so hopefully I will arrive in time before the closing (cross your fingers my flight isn’t delayed and I don’t miss it either—hopefully traffic will be non-existent on the way to the airport).  I really want to get my shirt and be able to check out the awesome vendors.  As long as I make it to Detroit, then I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief 🙂

Here are the five things I’m looking forward to this race:

1—Crossing another state off the list!!

-This will be half marathon number 9 for me!  It will be state #8 plus DC.  It will also be my final half marathon for 2014.  With Dopey training, crappy weather in Chicago, and a bit of a hectic work schedule, I do not have another half marathon for 2014.  I actually only have 1 more race for 2014—Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago.

2—Running in Canada

-I’ve never been to Canada let alone run into Canada.  The awesome thing about this race is that you get to run into Canada on the bridge and then run under the tunnel back into the US.  You actually have to carry your passport on you too!!  They don’t ask to see it when you’re running but god forbid something happen to you in Canada, then you’ll be ok to come back to the US.

3—The Expo!

-I’ve only heard great things about the expo… so I’m really looking forward to it!!  Hopefully I can find some stuff I don’t really need and hear about some awesome races– Pittsburgh Half is on my radar for 2016 and I know they will be there!

4—Running a race in general

-I love running in races.  I’ll do all of my training runs, but I’m much happier actually racing than training.  If I had unlimited money and time, I would race every single weekend.  I do get to race a lot (low mortgage, commute cut more than in half with new job, and making a lot more money with my new job allows me to do so) but the weeks I’m not racing, my fellow coworkers assume that I am racing and then I get runner’s jealously watching everyone on Twitter/Facebook running.

5—The Bling

-This medal is great for a few reasons.  One, the ribbon features half of the US flag and half of the Canadian flag.  The medal remains the same each year but features a different Chevy (I drive a Chevy!) with the Detroit skyline in the background.

I’ll check back in next week with a full recap of this race!




One thought on “Diving into Detroit!

  1. so excited for you to cross another state and half on the list! good luck!

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