The Fitness Games App Review


As part of my ambassadorship with SweatPink, we get to test out different fitness related products from time to time. About a month ago, I signed up for a chance to test out a new fitness app called ” The Fitness Games” (TFG). I ended up being one of the several that got to test the app, but unfortunately I probably didn’t read the description close enough (MY bad!), because it wasn’t exactly an app that would fit into my lifestyle.

The app has a bunch of different workouts, with descriptions and videos that you can do on your own, or to challenge your friends with (you can add your friends pretty easily). You can also create your own workouts to have you or your friends complete. There are four different types of workouts: Cardio, Strength-training, Full-body, and Cross training. You can earn different points from completing the exercises, which is a fun aspect if you have many different friends on the app that you can compete with. You can also share gym selfies and photos of yourself completing the exercises.


This sounded really cool at first, and I was very excited to download the app. But when I opened the app and started to explore it, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Mainly because the exercises essentially require you to do them at a gym in a weight room, and this is just something I do not do! Yes, I do belong to a gym, but I have never stepped foot in the weight room as it is a very intimidating place for me! When I first read about the app, I was interested in it because I thought you could easily do it in your living room with free weights, but once I got the app and looked through some of the exercises, I discovered this would be very difficult. Thus, I didn’t use the app 😦

I think this would be a great and motivating app for someone that regularly uses the weight room in the gym. It would also be very fun and engaging for a person who has friends that also frequent the weight room, as it would serve as a great fitness motivator to compete with one another.

TFG was rated as the Best Mobile Apps for Fitness for Fall 2014, according to its description on the Apple store, so obviously many people have found it very useful. Maybe one day I will end up using it when I get over my fear of the weight room!


This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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