Weekly Recap (Lauren)

Monday, October 6th: Rest day Tuesday, October 7th: 3 miles running Wednesday, October 8th: 6 miles running Thursday, October 9th: Cross training Friday, October 10th: Rest day Saturday, October 11th: 3 miles running Sunday, October 12th: 6.22 miles running (GO! St. Louis Halloween 10K) halloween-logo My week of running was topped off with a PR in my 10K race yesterday! I had a great race, reached my ultimate goal, and will go into detail about it later this week with a full recap. It was my first GO! St. Louis race, and I had an absolute blast. I hope to do more of their races in the future.

This week is another big running week for me, as I will follow my regular marathon training schedule during the week, and then this weekend I have not one, but two races! I will be running in the Rock ‘n Roll 5K on Saturday, and then the Rock ‘n Roll Half on Sunday. This is my first half marathon since the Nike Half Marathon in April, and I have been looking forward to it forever. I was so upset with myself that I did not go below 2 hours at the Nike race, so I am definitely hoping to do this on Sunday. If not, I have to wait until next year to go after this goal since this is my last half of 2014. So I am definitely eager to reach this goal this weekend to say the least! 21-Day-Fix-banner I am very excited to be starting the 21 Day Fix coming up as well. I ordered this last week after researching online about it. It is a Beachbody program (I am NOT a Beachbody coach, so I will give you all an honest review when I am done with it), but it is a set of exercise DVD’s along with a meal program.  I am very excited about this because I do a good job of getting my workouts in, but I am absolutely AWFUL when it comes to eating! I feel like if I follow a set menu plan and watch my portions that go along with this program, I will better reach my goals of a nice toned body. I am hoping that by my birthday at the end of November, I can really be in the best shape of my life! I am excited to start the program this week, and I will definitely let you all know how it is along the way. Hope everyone has an awesome week! Lauren


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (Lauren)

  1. Congrats on the PR! I look forward to hearing about the 21 day fix. It’s nice with running that you get a training schedule and you just do what it says. It would be helpful to have something like that for eating where you just follow the directions.

    • yes, i am very excited to start it for real next week. I got the discs on tuesday and have done a few of the workouts and have really enjoyed them. starting monday, i will follow the exercise and eating schedule!

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