Soon to be a Half Fanatic!

Well, it’s about time to be “officially” recognized as a half marathon fanatic!

Since I started this crazy running journey a little over a year ago, I could never have imagined that I would have already run 8 half marathons and will be done with number 9 in 9 days.

A few weeks ago, I wondered if I would be able to qualify for half fanatics.  These people are just as crazy as I am about running half marathons.  When I figured out that I could qualify after Detroit, I was pretty excited! I thought that I would enter in the Neptune moon (3 half marathons in 90 days—MN, NE, and MI actually happened within 57 days!) but then I realized I actually could “moon up” to Uranus!  Uranus requires you to complete 8 half marathons in a year (I will have done 8 halves in a little less than a year!).

There are many other moons and we’ll see if I can “moon up” throughout the years.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make it to the “sun”—that requires you to run 52 half marathons in a year or 30 half marathons in 30 states within a year.  But I think some of the other moons are definitely attainable (4 halves in 4 states in 51 days and back to back halves)—so I’ll be shooting for the moon—literally!



2 thoughts on “Soon to be a Half Fanatic!

  1. That’s great, congrats! That’s amazing that you’ll have done 8 half marathons in a year so soon after starting running 🙂

  2. Nice! When you join I am half fanatic #5304 🙂 I am at the Neptune level, just need to email them since I’ve mooned up to Uranus I think.

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