Weekly Recap

Monday, September 29th: Rest Day

Tuesday, September 30th: 45 minute run (4.23 miles—10:38 pace)

Wednesday, October 1st: Rest Day

Thursday, October 2nd: 45 minute run (4.26 miles—10:33 pace on treadmill)

Friday, October 3rd: Rest day

Saturday, October 4th: 5.5 mile walk (14:36 pace)

Sunday, October 5th: 15 mile run (11:06 pace)

Wow, what a busy week! Dopey training entered it’s 14 week—I’m officially at the halfway point!

I had two good weekday runs (Thursday had to be on the treadmill since it decided to rain outside) and then the “big” weekend.  Saturday, I had a 5.5 mile walk.  Luckily, I was back in my hometown where it was a bit warmer than Chicago, so I completed the walk with no problems of getting under the 16 minute pace.  I did the walk by myself and was pretty bored, so I think I need to find a book on tape to keep me occupied during these long walks.

Sunday was the longest run I’ve ever done!  I was actually excited about it, but when the alarm went off at 6:00 am, I was less than thrilled that I let Lauren talk me into running so early.  I tried to stay focused the entire run and keep reminding myself to just keep going!  I’m happy to report that I finished the run strong and I was overall happy with my pace.  This marathon is not about pace, but just about finishing strong.

This week is a cutback week with only two 45 minute runs and a 3 mile run on the weekend. It’s great timing because this weekend is the Chicago Marathon.  I’m so excited to go to the expo on Saturday (stock up on race goodies—who cares that I’m not actually in the race?!) and volunteer at the mile 10 water stop on Sunday.

On Thursday, I’ll preview what I’m looking forward to joining after my race next weekend… I bet you cannot guess what I’m going to qualify for 🙂




One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Congrats on the personal distance record 🙂 Have a great time volunteering this weekend.

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