Walt Disney World Marathon Training Log

Monday, September 29th: Rest Day

Tuesday, September 30th: 3 miles running + Workout video

Wednesday, October 1st: 6 miles running + Workout video

Thursday, October 2nd: Workout video

Friday, October 3rd: Rest day

Saturday, October 4th: 3 miles running

Sunday, October 5th: 11 miles running + 4 mile run with Kathleen

I can’t lie, this week of marathon training was rough! I think I’m just tired and all of my runs were very affected by this. I finished all my scheduled runs (had to switch Thursday’s run to Saturday because it was storming Thursday morning), but I definitely didn’t feel as good as I usually do during my runs. I am happy that even though I wasn’t really feeling it this week, I still got all my workouts done.

On Sunday, I was at my parents house and Kathleen was there too, so we did our run on Sunday together (kind of). I was scheduled for an 11 mile run, while Kathleen was supposed to do a 15 mile run, so we went on the same route and when I was done with my 11 mile run I found her and finished her run with her. It was a good cool down for me because Kathleen does a walk/run method, so I wasn’t worried that I was pushing myself too hard or anything.

I am very excited for this weekend because I have a 10K race on Sunday! I will be running in the GO! St Louis Halloween race and I have been looking forward to it for a while because I was unable to do it last year. I will talk about this race more later in the week. I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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