5 Things Friday

Bunches of random thoughts going through my head, so I thought I’d share!

1—Super excited about my next half marathon—Detroit—two weeks from Sunday!  I’m very excited about the expo, medal, and the experience of running into Canada!  Hopefully my crazy trek to the airport will work itself out (I’m going to be booking it), I’ll make the flight and all will be well.  Next year, I’m not going to have a special event during the same time as this weekend (the third weekend of October has so many great races—Baltimore, Iowa and Detroit to just name a few!).

2—I’m also excited about the Chicago Marathon.  Even though I’m not running, my friend Brandon is coming in for the race and I’m going to get to play host, experience the expo and volunteer at my first race.  I’d love to run the race someday, but there are so many great fall half marathons that I have up my sleeve too.

3—I’m actually looking forward to my crazy mileage weekend.  Saturday has a 5.5 mile walk—I need to make sure I do this walk in 1 hour and 28 minutes (16 minute mile pace).  My last walk was 14:41 pace… so that was ok, but I really need to keep up that pace or lower.  Since I’m planning to walk the 5k and 10k at Disney (and the majority of the half), I need to keep pace so those balloon ladies don’t come after me!  And Sunday is a 15 mile run—I’m planning on completing this run in under 3 hours (ideally would be around 2:45).  The weather is supposed to be ideal for running (low 60s) and a great path to run on!

4—Lauren and I have a new ambassadorship to announce soon.  It’s a running product that we both use on every run and something we both believe in!  I cannot wait to announce it soon, start talking about it and start hosting some giveaways!

5—Gone Girl the movie and the return of “Homeland” the TV show on Showtime.  Enough said.

Have a great weekend running friends!



2 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

  1. Try not to worry too much about the balloon ladies. They start after the very last runner in the last corral. We walked the 10k in January, and stopped for characters. Although our finish pace was over 16 min/mile, we were far enough ahead of them at the start that there wasn’t too much to worry about. I doubt you’ll be anywhere close to the last corral.

  2. What volunteer position will you have for Chicago? I worked the water station at Marine Corps and it was fun getting to watch every single runner go by. Also yes to #5!!!!

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