My Spooooky Run!

So, I thought since it is October and Halloween is approaching us, I would share my “spooky” encounter during one of my runs last week.

Last Thursday, I was scheduled for a 3 mile run, so I took my dog Lilli with me so she could get some exercise as well. It was cooler out that morning, so the perfect weather for her and me to run in. We were about a mile in and everything was going much smoother than normal (she wasn’t chasing after as many squirrels 🙂 ), and then I looked ahead and saw two larger creatures directly across the path from us. At first, I assumed they were two dogs off their leash. But as we got closer, they definitely were not dogs…they were raccoons!

They spooked me to say the least because I have never seen raccoons on my run, and I run at this park all the time! I was also confused because I thought raccoons were nocturnal, so I didn’t understand what they were doing out in the daylight! I didn’t want to take any chances of them chasing after us, so Lilli and I bee-lined in the opposite direction and luckily the raccoons didn’t follow.

You might think I’m crazy for being so scared of raccoons… I kind of thought I was overreacting, but then when I got back, I researched online about raccoons and my worries were confirmed. Raccoons ARE scary! I mean…most raccoons are just looking for trash and won’t try to attack you or anything (unless they are rabid!), but some will attack dogs. Apparently if they feel threatened, they will pin the dog down, and scratch out the dog’s eyes!


Luckily, Lilli and I did not have any kind of raccoon attack haha. But it was an interesting encounter, and one that I am not used to! Have you have encountered any scary creatures during your runs?



2 thoughts on “My Spooooky Run!

  1. Is this what you were trying to tell me about last week?! I have only encountered a deer before and I was freaked out too and ran in another direction. Scary!

  2. Seeing raccoons on my run would have totally freaked me out too! Glad to hear nothing happened.

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