Weekly Recap (Kathleen)

Monday, September 22—Rest Day

Tuesday, September 23—45 minutes running (4.12 miles at 10:55 pace)

Wednesday, September 24—Rest Day

Thursday, September 25—3 miles running (10:19 pace on treadmill)

Friday, September 26—Rest Day

Saturday, September 27—Rest Day

Sunday, September 21—45 minutes running (4.12 miles at 10:56 pace)

Thank goodness this was a slower running week for me!  Last week was so chaotic, so it was nice to have a lower mileage week.  Sadly, work was hectic, so I didn’t get in anything else besides my runs.  Wednesday starts a workout contest at work—so I’ll definitely make time for my cross training sessions!  I cannot lose a contest 🙂

This upcoming week is going to be crazy!!  2 forty-five minute runs during the week, 5.5 mile walk on Saturday and a 15 mile run on Sunday!  I’ll need to make sure I properly fuel for the big Sunday run and the recovery since I’ve never done anything over 13.1 before.  I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited.

I cannot wait to update you all next week after the big week is complete!



One thought on “Weekly Recap (Kathleen)

  1. Goodluck on tyour 15 miler coming up. I need to get oa long run in like that soon too!

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