Weekly Recap – Walt Disney World Marathon Training

Monday, September 22– Rest day

Tuesday, September 23– 3 miles running, strength training

Wednesday, September 24– 5 miles running, strength training

Thursday, September 25– 3 miles running, strength training

Friday, September 26– Rest Day

Saturday, September 27– 6 miles running

Sunday, September 28– 60 minutes cross training (30 minutes Elliptical, 30 minutes Biking, Abs)

Sorry this is SO late! It was a busy day at work, and then after work, Justin and I took Lilli on a walk. After the walk, we went to the mall to get a new phone. So we get to the Apple Store, Justin is talking to the Apple guy, and then oh! We both realize we didn’t have our wallets. Whoops, we looked like such idiots!

So now I am back with Lilli, while Justin went back to the Apple store (after coming home and getting his wallet) to get the phone.

Anyways, it was a pretty easy this week for my marathon training. My “long” run on Saturday was only 6 miles, as this was a down week in my training plan. Needless to say, my legs were very happy with the easier week!

Last week, I signed up for my last (and 14th!) race of 2014 – the Hot Chocolate 15K. This race will be on December 15th, so chances are it will be very chilly. I had so much fun doing the 5K last year because you get a really nice hoodie and then the obvious goodies afterwards, so I am really looking forward to doing the 15K this year and this year you get a medal which will be a nice addition for my collection.

It’s almost 9 and I haven’t had dinner yet, so it is time for me to go eat! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!




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