Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap

Monday, September 15: Rest day

Tuesday, September 16: 3 miles running + cross training

Wednesday, September 17: 5 miles running + cross training

Thursday, September 18: 3 miles + cross training

Friday, September 19: 60 minutes cross training

Saturday, September 20: Rest day

Sunday, September 21: 9 miles running

Another good training week is in the books. My 9 mile run on Sunday wasn’t my greatest because we went out the night before, but I was happy I woke up early and got it done! My leg felt really strange on the last mile and I think it is because I have not been doing that great at stretching after my runs and foam rolling, so I definitely need to improve on that as my training goes on.

I’m hoping to go to a group fitness class this week, because ever since my class got cancelled, I have really missed going! So I’m going to look at my schedule and find a good one to go to.

I also need to start eating better. I always seem to be hungry since I exercise so much, and while the majority of the time I try to make healthy decisions, sometimes I go crazy and just eat a bunch of crap! So, I’m going to try VERY hard to stop doing this and fill our fridge and cabinets with healthier options!



2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Marathon Training Recap

  1. Great job on your training this week. I keep my foam roller out in the living room so I don’t forget to use it while I’m watching tv in the evenings.

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