Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Monday, September 15—Rest Day

Tuesday, September 16—45 minutes running (4.19 miles at 10:45 pace)

Wednesday, September 17—Rest Day

Thursday, September 18—45 minutes running (4.31 miles at 10:27 pace)

Friday, September 19—Rest Day (foam rolled!)

Saturday, September 20—4 mile walk (14:41 pace (need to be better than 16 minute miles for Dopey)

Sunday, September 21—Omaha Half Marathon (13.1 miles at 10:26 pace for 2:16:45)

What a busy week!  This was my first 4 running day week (1 day was a walking day—but that is what was on the Dopey training program!)—I felt like everyday had something going on.  This week is a little slower, so I hope I can get in some other work too so I can be ready for my 15 miler on October 5!

The highlight of my week was my 8th half marathon (7th state (8th including DC)) in Omaha.  I’ll have a full recap here on Wednesday.  It was definitely a great race for me—9 seconds off of my PR from DC!  I’m really lucky that it went as well as it did… just wait till you hear my crazy story on Wednesday (let’s just say, it involved my rental car…).  Omaha was pretty flat, featured my first out and back half marathon and the medal lights up!  Other than those things, I don’t think I’ll ever return to this race.  Usually after a good half marathon, I think I’d love to come back next year (Mississippi and Little Rock ran true to this—the courses are tough, but the organization is great), but I cannot say that about this race at all.  The expo was awful (literally a row of vendors outside), poor organization, pasta party was just ok (absolutely no signage on where it was, long lines (hello, there were 3,000 runners coming for their free pasta)), “afterparty” food was way too crowded (a small small tent for all the runners) and the real meal didn’t start until 11 (that’s fine for marathoners but for the half people, it doesn’t work at all), the logo is generic and the shirt looks like it was for the 4th of July (this is the 39th year for the race…common on people!), no pictures on the course (common on… big race… brings lots of out of towners…), and expensive (I signed up late for $80 but the early bird was only $10 cheaper.. are you kidding me?!  Not sure why it was so expensive…).  Sorry to rant here, but I feel like it should be said!  Lots of complainers on Twitter and Facebook too so I wasn’t alone in my thoughts!  I know not every race is going to be great, but I’m glad I overcame the obstacles to do well!

My full recap will be up on Wednesday. Have a great week!




One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Wow, it does sound like a busy week! Yay for a PR at the race but boo for the poor organization. You think they would have it down pat after 38 years.

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