Preparing for #8!


In just a few days, I’ll be running half marathon #8 in Omaha, Nebraska!  This week has been different than my normal “week of” half marathon routine.  Usually I would run 3 miles on Tuesday and then 2 miles on Thursday and call it a week before having a half marathon on Saturday or Sunday. Since my Dopey training specifically called for a 13 mile run on Sunday (I’m just adding .1 extra miles), I need to follow the program the way it says.  I’m not going to be getting a break when I do the marathon on January 11th!

Tuesday and Thursday have 45 minute runs (I can usually do a little over 4 miles in 45 minutes).  Saturday, I am doing my first long walk—4 miles!  I’m going to treat it like the training says and walk as briskly as I can!

My flight leaves Midway airport on Saturday afternoon.  The flight to Omaha is pretty short (just over an hour—if I drove it would have taken 9 hours!) and I’ll be there in time to check out the expo and then head over to the free pasta dinner.  I’m always willing to shell out a couple of dollars for pasta dinners at races, but a free one… sign me up!

I’ve rented a car in Omaha because my hotel is not near the race.  The car and the hotel were still cheaper than staying in one of the host hotels.

As always, I’m just looking to race well.  I’ve hit my main goal of 2014 (a half under 2:20), but I’d like to be around2:20-2:21 for the race.  If I don’t race that well, it’s ok… it just all depends on the weather for me!  I’m hoping for 60s… but it’s looking like around 75 for the race.

Look for a race report next week and a picture of my new bling (it lights up!).



6 thoughts on “Preparing for #8!

  1. #8, you are well on your way to your goal! Will I be seeing you in VA Beach next spring?

  2. Good luck this weekend, Kathleen! Can’t wait to hear how the race goes!

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