Five Things Tuesday

Here are 5 random things I’m most excited about right now:


1—Cooler weather!!  I’m not sure if mother nature is just trying to trick me or not, but the cooler weather is a runner’s delight 🙂  My past two runs have been in the 50s and tomorrow’s run will be in the upper 40s-low 50s.  It is great!  I cannot wait for these temperatures to stick around for running hoodies and pants.


2—Signing up to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon.  Since I’m not running the Chicago Marathon, I’m super excited to be finally volunteering at a race.  I really wanted to volunteer at a water station and I’m happy to say that I’ll be at water stop #7 (around mile 10) of the race.


3—Omaha this weekend!  I’m looking forward to a good time!  They have runner tracking there… it’s been awhile since I’ve been at a race with tracking.  My goal time is to be under my last half time (2:23:58).  I’ll talk more about the race on Thursday but I’m hoping the temps are cool for a good fall race.


4—Detroit!  I know it’s not until next month, but I’m already getting excited/nervous about it!!   I’m nervous because I’m going to be arriving at the expo only an hour before it closes—cutting it close if my flight is delayed L.  There are no flights into Detroit any earlier due to my work schedule… common airlines, it’s Chicago to Detroit, could we not have 10 flights in the 1 pm hour and then nothing until 3 pm… seriously?!  If I miss the expo, I’ll still be able to run in the race, but I won’t get a t-shirt (I’m sure I can buy one afterwards (they are still selling the 2013 shirts)) and I’ll miss this awesome expo (seriously it gets good reviews).


5—Seeing the Disney Marathon weekend medals soon.  Seriously, everyday, I’m checking to see if Disney has finally released the medals (which they still have not!) because last year they were released at the Disneyland half.  I think if they release the medals soon, it’ll help me out a lot with the long runs that I have coming up (15 miler on Sunday October 5th!).



3 thoughts on “Five Things Tuesday

  1. Good luck this weekend. I am jealous that you get to race so much. I am excited that I get to do my 20 mile long run this weekend in NYC but I would much rather be racing than just training!

  2. Wow!! Have a great, fun, awesome weekend!!! XOXO!!!

  3. I would be nervous too about making it on time to the expo. I missed the one for Tinker Bell but was able to pick up my bib the following morning and they mailed my shirt.

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