Nike DC Half is Moving!

In April, Lauren and I were lucky enough to be chosen to run in the Nike Women’s Half in Washington DC.  We had the best time and we both had PRs.  The course was flat, merchandise for purchase was great, and I had a great time visiting with old friends.  And at the end, we got Tiffany necklaces from men in tuxedos.

The only other Nike Women’s race is in San Francisco and while I love the city, running up and down the hills is not for me.  And I’m not for running races twice in different cities outside Chicago.  DC was a great time, but it was expensive.  DC is fairly cheap to fly into from Chicago, but when you add up the hotels, meals, merchandise, etc… it gets pricey!  I saved for a few months to help offset the costs, but who can put a price on spending a long weekend with your sister and friends?!

Last night, I was shocked to read that Nike DC Women’s Half would not be returning in 2015, but that they would be going to a new location…what?!  Could they be coming to Chicago?!!  I can only hope!!  They have a race on the west coast… they need to put something in the center of the country.  If they are coming to Chicago, you better believe Lauren, Phu (Lauren’s friend who ran it with us in DC), and I will be putting our name back in the lottery.  My wallet won’t like it too much (this time I won’t have the hotel fees), but you only live once!  I can only hope that if it does come here on a day I already have a race lined up!



7 thoughts on “Nike DC Half is Moving!

  1. I was sad to hear about the move. I wanted to put my name in the lottery to try to do this one next year since I enjoyed volunteering this year. Oh well, I guess it’s another opportunity for a race-cation at some point.

  2. Omg I just read this that’s crazy but I’m glad we did DC! Now gotta stalk nike and find out where this new location is and figure out if we are going or not 🙂

  3. WHAT?!?!?!?! ah! I hope it’s NYC 🙂

  4. It’s moving? I was hoping to get in to DC next year. Bummer. If it is Chicago, I hope I win the lottery and don’t also have a race 🙂

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