Weekly Recap (Lauren)

Monday, September 1st: Labor of Love 5K

Tuesday, September 2nd: Rest Day

Wednesday, September 3rd: 5 miles running

Thursday, September 4th: 4 miles running

Friday, September 5th: Rest Day

Saturday, September 6th: 7 miles running

Sunday, September 7th: Cardinals Care 6K (3.69 miles)

finally did all my scheduled runs! I had a great week of running as I ran in two races, and there was finally cooler temps to run in. Towards the end of the week it really started to feel like Fall weather, and that made me oh-so-happy.

I will talk about it more later in the week, but the Cardinals Care 6K went awesome on Sunday. I achieved my goal (being under 30 minutes) even though going into the race I was very skeptical I could do this. As I was walking with Justin and he asked me what time I was going for and I said under 30 minutes! If not I look like a fool on my blog for even mentioning that time 🙂

This week, I will officially begin marathon #2 training using a plan by Hal Higdon. I’m going to strive to continue getting in my scheduled runs, and also do all my cross training to get stronger. I am very pumped to kick off my training and can’t wait for Disney!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (Lauren)

  1. Congrats on finishing the 6k under 30 minutes, that’s great! Good luck with the marathon training 🙂

  2. I have been so focused training for Chicago that I didn’t realize that Disney is that close. How long is your training plan? How long do we have until Disney?

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