Weekly Recap (Kathleen)

Monday, September 1stRest day

Tuesday, September 2nd :  4.5 miles running (10:41 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, September 3rd4.5 miles running (10:44 pace on treadmill)

Thursday, September 4th Rest day

Friday, September 5thCross-training (30 minute circuit of elliptical, bike and stair climber)

Saturday, September 6th11 miles running (10:44 pace OUTSIDE J)

Sunday, September 7thRest day


This was a calmer week for me at work but my running was intensified!  Unfortunately it was pretty hot, humid and nasty during the week, so my weekday runs had to be taken inside on the treadmill L .  I was super excited when I figured out that it would be 62 DEGREES for my long run on Saturday and I wouldn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get the run in. 

A few weeks ago, I discovered that if I did 1.5 miles on the trail and then I could run the rest of the way to my work as a halfway point for my 11 mile run.  BINGO!!  So, Friday night, I dropped off a Gatorade (should have brought a water as I almost threw up on my run after drinking the Gatorade… gross!) at work and I was determined to make it there on Saturday during my 11 mile run.  It was a great halfway point and I’ll try to keep putting it in the mix for my long runs (they only intensify starting in October with a 15 mile run the first week in October—my longest run ever!).  I like to look at things, so trail running isn’t as fun as running on the street, so long runs on the street are much better/fun for me.

This week will be very calm for me running wise.  I’ll do two 5 mile runs during the week and then an easy 3 mile run on Saturday.  Saturday is going to be a bit hectic for me at work (weird day), but a 3 mile run is really nothing to get done while I’m at work too.  I’m going to try a drop in yoga class on Wednesday at work.  I really miss my old yoga instructor, but I’m not going to drive 25 minutes one way from work just to get there (I enjoy not having to fill my gas tank every 5 days now that I’m closer to work).

Only 13 days until my next half—Omaha on Sunday, September 21st!  All my arrangements are made (hotel, car, airfare, and registration)… my dog has a babysitter to care for her for the 2 days… and my parents are picking me up on  Sunday from the airport (just need to figure out if my uncle can drop me off on Saturday…).  I’ll talk more about the race next week!

Happy running!



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