Labor of Love 5K Recap


On Monday, I decided to do an impromptu 5K race! I had considered doing the Labor of Love 5K for awhile because it was in the park right across the street where I always run, and 100% of the registration cost went to a really awesome cause (The Micah Project). I didn’t initially sign up though, because with Justin out of town, I didn’t know if Lilli would be ok by herself that early in the morning.

But on Sunday night, I really had the urge to race! So, I decided that I would wake up extra early to take Lilli for a long walk, then drop her off at home, and walk over to register for the race. So we woke up at 5:30AM Monday morning, got ready, and went for an hour walk. After our walk I took her back home and then I headed over to the park across the street to register for the race. The cost of the race was $35 (before race day it was $30), and at first I wasn’t certain if I would get a t-shirt since on the website it had said to guarantee a shirt you had to sign up by August 10th. I really was hoping to get a shirt because I had seen it online and thought it was so cute! Luckily, I went to register and included in my packet was the t-shirt for the race! I was also pleasantly surprised to see a lot of other goodies in the packet- coupons for free Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, indoor rock climbing, and many more great deals.


About 10 minutes before the start, it wasn’t looking too great out. I had checked the weather before I left and there was about a 50% chance of storms at race time (8AM). And right as they told us to go to the start line, it started raining pretty hard. I was worried it was going to rain the whole time and was kind of regretting my decision to race! Luckily, I wore a hat so I didn’t get any rain in my face, and it the rain actually felt kind of good because it cooled down the hot temps a lot. And, about 1 mile into the race it was barely raining at all, so we really lucked out!

I felt pretty tired throughout the race. I hadn’t slept that well the night before, and then I had already wore out my legs a lot on the walk with Lilli! But I kept telling myself it was only a 5K, and I just needed to keep going and not stop. So that’s what I did. The route was pretty much a loop and it was hillier than I expected. I run there all the time, but it was a different loop than I was used to. There was a water stop at the halfway point, and then we circled around and went back by where the start line was (but the start and finish were not the same, a little farther apart). This was not a big race by any means! Altogether there were 176 runners, and I’m not sure if all those participants were in the 5K, because there was also a 1 mile walk. It was also a very family friendly event as there were many kids racing. Thus, I knew it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for me to place in my age group! So, this was extra motivation for me, because I wanted to make sure that if I did get passed, that it was NOT by a woman! (Or at least not by one that looked like she was in the 20-29 age range!)

I crossed the finish line and the clock said I was around 25:50. I knew I would not get a PR for the race, but I was still pretty happy with the time. But, I was a bit confused on how they would time this race, because we had no timing chip of any kind. I’m still not sure how they figured out the results…

So, I waited around for the other runners to finish to see if I had placed in my age group. I didn’t see a lot of women my age ahead of me, so I knew I had a decent chance of being in the top 3. It took FOREVER for them to figure out the awards (probably because they weren’t sure of the exact times! haha) so before the age group awards they raffled off a lot of prizes. There was probably at least 50 prizes, and everyone who participated had a chance to win. Shockingly, I didn’t win anything! (I RARELY do! Lol).

A nice part of the race was all the food available after. While we waited for the staff to figure out the age group winners, there were Krispy Kreme donuts, cookies, bananas, oranges, rolls, and water for us to snack on. I was a little disappointed that I did not see the sugar cookies that I had seen from the race last year, but I settled on a chocolate chip cookie instead. I wanted a Krispy Kreme but resisted because they always make me feel like crap an hour later!

FINALLY (even the DJ of the event was making fun of how long it was taking, joking that tomorrow’s race results would be available before these race results would be!) they gave the awards for the age groups. I heard that the top 3 in each age group got a medal, and then I found out that there were cookie “medals”, and then I realized those were the yummy looking cookies that I saw in the pictures from the race last year! I really wanted to place now more than ever!

There were many different age groups starting at 0-9 years old, so it took a bit to get to the 20-29 division. They started with 3rd place and the announcer said “LaurrA” and I was like darn! I thought that would be me! Then I looked at the woman and realized that I saw her behind me, so I must have been getting an award! Sure enough, I was the next one they called! I was very happy to place 2nd in my age group, especially since it was a last minute decision to even run this race!

2nd place in 20-29 women's division!

2nd place in 20-29 women’s division!

I think all I was thinking about here was how fast I could get home to eat this thing!

All I was thinking about here was how fast I could get home to eat this thing!


Close-up of my yummy medal!

Overall, I was really happy I ran in this race. My official time was 25:52, and I finished overall 23rd, and 11th for the women. It was really cool to run a race in the park that I always train in, all the proceeds went to an amazing organization, and I was happy to have been one of the top in my age group. I’ll definitely run in this race again next year, but I will probably sign up ahead of time and not the day of!



3 thoughts on “Labor of Love 5K Recap

  1. Fabulous job Lauren!! Such an amazing job!! XOXO!!!

  2. So cool! Oh, and I love the stuff you got in the bag and the food afterwards. That is the best thing about small races. They always have the best stuff unlike the big races where there isn’t much.

    • I agree! I feel like the big ones I pay all this money and expect a nice packet, and then there is barely anything! I was very pleasantly surprised with this goodie bag 🙂

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