Weekly Recap (Lauren)

hello september

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!! I am SO thrilled September is here, because that means Fall is on it’s way! Fall is my absolutely favorite season, and it’s my favorite time of the year to run outside. I can’t wait for it to cool off so that I’m finally not a sweaty beast after all my runs!

This week of running was not too great. With Justin out of town, it was hard for me to leave Lilli alone too long to go on my long run, so that run was cut this week. Here was what I did this week:

Monday, August 25th: Rest Day

Tuesday, August 26th: 3.25 miles running

Wednesday, August 27th: 3 miles running (Speed Work), Workout DVD

Thursday, August 28th: 2 miles running

Friday, August 29th: Rest Day

Saturday, August 30th: 4 miles running, Jillian Michaels 1 Week Shred DVD

Sunday, August 31st: 4 miles running, Jillian Michaels 1 Week Shred DVD

speedwork meme_thumb[1]

My speed work run on Wednesday was ROUGH!! I haven’t worked on Speed Work in so long, so I think that’s why I was especially exhausted. I went on the treadmill at the gym because it was WAY too hot out to run. For the first 5 minutes, I warmed up at 6.1 speed. Then I alternated every other minute going slow and then fast. My slow was always at 6.0, and then my fast ranged from 7.0-8.0. The one I was originally going to do (that I found on Pinterest) STARTED the fast one at 8.0, but I quickly discovered that wasn’t going to be possible for me, unless I wanted to fall off the treadmill! Even though it was hard, I made it to the 3 miles and I want to incorporate a speed work run hopefully every week in my training. They suck, but the results will definitely be worth the pain!

This month also begins the OFFICIAL start to my marathon training program for Disney. I know in August I said I was starting my marathon training, which I was, but that was more of a warm-up to the official start. After the marathon in June, I was tired and spent most of July recovering, so August definitely was a great month for me to get back into top shape to start training for my next marathon!

I will be following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan this time around. I looked around at various training plans, ones that had you running 6 days a week, to ones that had you running 3 days a week, but I found Hal Higdon’s plan closest to what I thought would adequately fit into my life style. I am excited to start this plan in the second week of September (his plan is for 18 weeks). Here is my training plan for this month: workout schedule – sept 2014 . I’m going to try my ABSOLUTE BEST to follow this better than I did last month!!


This weekend I finally have a race – the Cardinals Care 6K! I have been waiting for this race forever as I had a great time at it last year, so I can’t wait for it to be Sunday! I will talk more about this race later this week.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your day off (hopefully you don’t have to work today) and have an amazing week!



One thought on “Weekly Recap (Lauren)

  1. I love speedwork! My favorite are 200s and 400s.

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