And the next race is…

3 weeks from this weekend, my Dopey training schedule calls for a 13 mile run.  Sounds like a great excuse to run a half marathon in another state.  Since I just started my new job, I need to make sure this race was on a Sunday, so I don’t have to take a Friday off work (not sure that’s even allowed right now).

I live in Illinois and since I’ve already done Missouri, Wisconsin and Minnesota, that leaves Michigan, Indiana and Iowa as the other surrounding states if I wanted to drive.  I already am signed up for a half in Michigan in October, Indiana in May, and I’m saving Iowa for October 2015… that doesn’t leave myself really any states I could drive to successfully.

When I looked at the half marathon racing schedule in the United States, only a few races jumped out to me for Sunday, September 21st.  Rock N Roll Philly—but I was not in love with the bling.  It’s just ok.  I’d consider doing it if I did Rock N Roll Virginia Beach because there is an awesome Beach to Bell medal.  There was a half in Bismarck, North Dakota that looked semi-interesting but the medal wasn’t doing it for me, neither was the price of the airfare.  But one kept coming up and up… Omaha.  The medal is cute (it lights up) and it’s supposed to be an overall flat course.  I secured a hotel & rental car for $100 and airfare was not too bad either.

For the remaining 2014 year, I’ll do one more half marathon (Detroit) and then I’m going to do the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago in November.  December is a really crazy Dopey training month, so I’ll be focusing on that during my weekends in December.

So excited!!  I love racing 🙂



8 thoughts on “And the next race is…

  1. I hope the Omaha race give you steak at the end!!!

    Anytime you want to do VA Beach I will do it with you. Sunday will be my third year in a row doing it.

  2. A medal that lights up? Sounds awesome. I love this quest your on and shall live vicariously through you 🙂

    • Yeah and the medal for the marathon and half is the same size :). I’m pretty excited! It’s easy right now because I’m doing the states closest to me… but it’ll get harder when I have to start going further and further away!

  3. Are you referring to the race in Omaha? I did that last year. I don’t remember it being flat. Well, it wasn’t too hilly either. I remember I fell. 🙂

    RnR Philly is a good race. Definitely flat.

    I would love to do the Hot Chocolate race in Chicago but I am going to Florida for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

    • I read somewhere that Omaha course use to be a lot hillier. Nothing is as bad as Mississippi that I’ve encountered so far… that was the worst!

      Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do Hot Chocolate and I can make it work this year :). Wine and Dine looks super fun… maybe some day! 🙂

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