Weekly Recap (Lauren)


It has been SOOOO hot/humd in STL this week! We are still under an extreme heat advisory until tonight at 8PM, so it has been a bit unpleasant to say the least! Here is a quick recap:

Monday, August 18th: Workout DVD

Tuesday, August 19th: Workout DVD

Wednesday, August 20th: 4 miles running, Workout DVD

Thursday, August 21st: 4 miles running, Workout DVD

Friday, August 22nd: Rest Day

Saturday, August 23rd: Workout DVD

Sunday, August 24th: 10 miles running

I didn’t get in as many runs as I wanted to, but I was happy that I got my long run in for the week on Sunday. It was very hot and I forgot to bring my water, but the run itself actually went pretty well.

I’m hoping to get a good week in of runs, and I will try to focus on my speed this week with a few speed workouts. My next race (in what feels like forever!) will be on Sunday, September 7th and it is a 6K so I’m hoping to get a PR. I found a few speed workouts on Pinterest that I’m going to follow and hopefully they will lead me to that PR! (I’m shooting for under 30 minutes, last year I was a little over 34 minutes.)

I hope everyone has a great week!



6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (Lauren)

  1. this is the meme that comes to mind every time I run during the summer in DC! Or “Not sure if out of shape, or can’t breath because of humidity!”

    • I keep blaming the humidity for why I can’t run as long as I plan to! Hopefully it’s not just because I’m not as in shape as I’d like to be! lol

  2. We’ve had an oddly mild summer but it seems like we’re getting the heat and humidity in DC this week too. Great job on getting those runs and workout DVDs in! I look forward to hearing about your speed work for the upcoming race 🙂

    • Yeah it’s been the same here! This summer has been unusually not as hot, but now it’s unbearable and it’s like trying to make up for the nicer weather we’ve had all summer! lol

  3. Great week! Love the meme, haha. EXACTLY. I plan to do some more speedwork, too…but only after the temps cool off a bit! 😉

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