Weekly Recap + Healthy Human Race Expo Review

What a crazy week it has been!!  Here is the workout recap:

Monday, August 11th: Rest day

Tuesday, August 12th: 3 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, August 13th: 5 miles running (10:37 pace on treadmill)

Thursday, August 14th: Rest day

Friday, August 15th: Rest day

Saturday, August 23rd: Healthy Human Race 5k (37:18—12:00 pace)

Sunday, August 24th: Healthy Human Race Half Marathon (2:23:58—11:00 pace)

Rochester Minnesota is about 315 miles away from my house (about 5 hours).  I really wanted to go halfway on Friday evening, but I could not get a good price to come up on a hotel and I didn’t want to spend more than $60.  So, wakeup call at 5:30 to be on the road by 6:00 am happened on Saturday morning!

The ride to Minnesota was pretty uneventful.  There was some construction, fog and a bit of rain.  I ended up stopping right before I hit the Minnesota border in Wisconsin and purchased this lottery ticket.


I love playing the lottery and my good luck came again as I won $25 on the ticket 🙂

I got to the expo around 11 am.  Packet pickup was super easy.  I cannot believe the line would ever be this long…


Since I signed up for both the 5k and the Half Marathon—I got two shirts.  The shirts are super comfortable and I cannot wait to wear them for a run!  I also got this lanyard too… not sure why or what you’d use it for, but I’ll always take free stuff!


The expo wasn’t huge (it fit in a small room) and had local races, running stores, etc.  The usual small “expo”.  I picked up some jelly beans and stinger gels for Sunday as well as this cool “Run Minnesota” shirt (paid for with my lottery winnings!).



After about 20 minutes, I made my way out of the expo and discovered where I could pick up my extra shirt I had purchased.  This race was also sponsored/hosted by “the” Mayo Clinic (if you don’t know what the Mayo Clinic is, look it up… one of the best hospitals in the country) and they were selling a souvenir race shirt at the race registration where all proceeds would go to the Mayo Clinic.  When I gave them my name for the shirt, they had my name down twice (I don’t think I paid for two shirts), but I got two and Lauren will be getting one soon then 🙂


After going thru the expo, I still had over an hour before the speaker series would begin.  I ended up checking into my hotel, grabbing lunch and walking back to the expo (my hotel was about 3 blocks from the expo—which was also the start lines for the races!  What luck!!


One of the reasons I signed up for this race was not only the awesome bling (pictures on Wednesday!!), but for the speaker series—Jeff Galloway and Apolo Anton Ohno.  Jeff Galloway is definitely someone whom I look up to in the racing world—he is a celebrity for sure.  I can only run the Dopey Challenge following his training program and adopting his run/walk method.  I am 8 weeks into the program and I have been following it to a T (usually I’m adding more mileage since I have half marathons in there too J).  His speech was great and afterwards, I got a picture with him and the Disney bling (he thought it was appropriate since I was going Dopey—that Coast to Coast medal is so amazing, I hope I can score one of those too next year).  Jeff and his wife Pam ran the half marathon on Sunday and they finished about a minute behind me!  If I knew he was that close, I would have slowed down to finish the race with him.


The keynote speaker was Apolo Anton Ohno—the most decorated US Winter Olympian.  Apolo gave an amazing keynote address to a packed arena (probably 1,000-2,000 people) about his life and his fitness journey.  I got a great seat for Jeff (second row) and I just stayed put until Apolo came because I knew I wanted to have a great seat.  He ended his message with this quote “One world, one life, one change, your choice”.  I LOVE THIS!!  I think I’m going to get this put on my medal rack (I’ve run out of desk space… I need to get those medal racks!).  I think Apolo participated in the Healthy Human Race 1 Mile walk, but he didn’t stick around for the 5k or the Half Marathon.  Right now he’s training for an Ironman and he told us he was going on a 100 mile bike ride on Sunday… ugh!


On Wednesday, I’ll share the recap of the 5k and the Half Marathon and share my pros/cons of the race/race experience.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap + Healthy Human Race Expo Review

  1. How cool that you got to meet such great athletes! And another state down!

  2. Awesome job! Jeff Galloway is always super nice and approachable at the runDisney events! I love listening to speakers at race expos, they really can be so inspirational. 🙂

  3. How cool that you got to meet both of them. Kudos to you for driving that long for a race. My limit is 4 hours when I drove to Indianapolis two years ago.

  4. It really wasn’t that bad of a drive. Nothing compares to driving to Little Rock– 12 hours… NEVER AGAIN! I’d drive to Detroit in October, but it’s not going to work with work, so flying it is! I’ll drive to Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio– but the rest, I’ll be flying to!

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