Race Weekend!


It’s time for lucky #7!  Saturday morning (bright and early!), I’ll be heading to Minnesota for the Healthy Human Race weekend—a 5k on Saturday evening and the half marathon on Sunday morning.

The plan is to leave the Chicagoland area by 6:15 am and get on the road for the 5 hour drive to Rochester Minnesota.  I plan to stop around Wisconsin Dells for a quick pit stop and gas up the car before heading to the expo.  I haven’t received any information about the expo or many details about the race in general (why can’t all races make sure you’re all set to go beforehand), so I’m not sure what my bib numbers are, if there are corrals, etc.  After the expo and lunch, my plan is to head to the hotel to drop off my stuff before going back to the expo to hear the special guests, Apolo Ohno and Jeff Galloway!  The day will end with the 5k (not planning on running, just walking for the cool medal!) and a spaghetti dinner (only $9… I couldn’t pass that deal up!).

Sunday morning’s half marathon starts at 7 am.  That’s early, but it’s supposed to get hot on Sunday in Minnesota, so the earlier the better!  After the half marathon, I’m heading straight home.  If I’m ok, I plan on stopping by work (my pool is still open) on my way home, otherwise, I’ll just head straight home and hobble up the stairs.

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately on my runs, so I’m really hoping to be right around 2:20 for the race.  But if the humidity and heat are bad, I won’t push myself too hard on Sunday… I’d rather be able to keep running than risk injury and not be able to keep training successfully for my future races.

I cannot wait to update all of you next week on this exciting race weekend!  Let’s hope #7 is lucky for me and I’ll have another state checked off the list come Sunday afternoon.



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