Weekly Review (Kathleen)

Monday, August 11th: Rest day

Tuesday, August 12th: 5 miles running (10:40 pace)

Wednesday, August 13th: 5 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill)

Thursday, August 14th: Rest day

Friday, August 15th: Rest day

Saturday, August 16th: 10 miles running (10:43 pace)

Sunday, August 17th: Rest day

What a busy week!!  I got my runs in but again, I wasn’t able to get in my cross training sessions L  I need to find a yoga session again at my new workplace because my body misses it.  I love my old yoga instructor but I don’t like driving so far to go to the yoga class.

This week, I switched up some of my running routes.  Sometimes the same routes can get boring and mundane.  The longer distances can especially get tiring when you are running the same route again and again.  On this week’s long run, I made a different turn on my usual route and ended up discovering a new route and I’m excited to run it again in the future!  In two weeks, I need to run 11 miles, so I’m excited about running this route again and switching it up even more.

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming weekend!  It’s been a little over two months since my last half marathon and I’m tired (jealous!) of seeing Facebook/Twitter posts about others doing races.  I’ve done 2 10ks since my last half, but the half marathon is really the distance I love. The plan is to wake up pretty early on Saturday morning and set out for the 5 hour drive to Minnesota.  I’ll probably stop halfway to get gas and take a little break.  I want to get there in a good amount of time to check out the expo and my hotel before heading back to the expo in the afternoon to see Jeff Galloway and Apolo Ohno speak.  I’ll talk more about the weekend in my post on Thursday.

Have a great week!




One thought on “Weekly Review (Kathleen)

  1. Great runs!! Way to go!! XOXO!! Have a wonderful week!!

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