Chicago 10K Review


A few weeks ago, I remembered about the Chicago 10k.  I really wanted to sign up for it last year but with my old job and my stubborn hip/groin injury last year, there was really no way I could do it.  Fast forward to this year, new job and no injury, I signed up immediately when I knew that my schedule would allow it!

Unfortunately, I signed up super late, so I got a horrible deal… but in my book, it was still a fun race and I’m glad I did it!

The race started at 8 am (pretty late for a race start), so I set my alarm the night before for 4:50am.  My plan was to leave my house no later than 5:30, so I could have plenty of time to get to the race.  I even thought I would have time to get in my extra miles before the race.  I don’t know what I was thinking!

This race was different because I didn’t have my race bib ahead of time (I paid extra to get it the day of).  So I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am pre-race.  I did wake up at 4:50, but I didn’t lay out my outfit the night before, so I was scrambling to make sure I had my outfit, headband, Gatorade, armpocket and my  headphones.  I got out the door on time and was at the subway stop in what I thought would be plenty of time.

The subway took about 10 minutes to get there and once I got on, we were told that the train would not be taking us all the way downtown, but only half way, then we would need to get off the train, take a bus to another subway stop to continue on our way.  Needless to say, this took longer than expected to get to the race!  And I was nervous because I knew that I needed to get there early to get my packet.

I ended up finally getting to the race site at 7:30 (the race started at 8am).  VIP packet pickup was super easy and I got my bib and tech shirt (I paid an extra $5 for the tech shirt and I’m glad I did!!  It’s super cute and now I’ll be able to work out in it too J).  Then I made a beeline to the port o potties.  It was a good thing I did because for a race with about 2,700 people, they only had about 15 port o potties—definitely not enough!!  I didn’t end up getting done until about 5 minutes before the race was to begin!

As it was, I wanted to meet a fellow blogger before the race!  Heather from!   I discovered Heather’s blog thru twitter and she is also a fellow Chicagoland area blogger who is training for Dopey, so I really wanted to meet her at some point.  When I found out she was running in the Chicago 10k, I knew this was our opportunity to finally meet!  It was a quick meeting, but Heather was super sweet!!  I’m hoping that we might be able to meet up for some of the really longer Dopey training runs to do “together” (just knowing someone is doing the same run as you at the same time is super helpful).


After talking with Heather, I missed my corral and started a little later than I was supposed to.  But once I got off, it went pretty well.  The first mile was around a city block and then we headed out to the lakefront path.  The course was pretty narrow, so it was hard to navigate around people and especially when we got to the lakefront path and you had runners coming at you from the other direction.

All in all, the actual race for me went pretty well.  It was humid and hot but I had my Gatorade as well multiple water stations.  I really would have loved to be right around an hour, but my official time was 1:03:20 (a new PR for me!).   After the race, I got my medal and a bottle of water and got out of the city.  I still needed to run 2.8 miles so I went to my local gym and got them done on the treadmill.


Pros of this race

–Awesome medal and technical shirt!

–Meeting a blog friend in real life!

–Running along Lake Michigan

–Good course support

Cons of the race

–A little pricey for a 10k (my total registration was almost $80!)

–Downtown—getting down there is just a pain in the butt

–Crowded on the course

–Not enough port-o-potties at the beginning of the race

Minnesota is just a week away!  I cannot wait!!



4 thoughts on “Chicago 10K Review

  1. Great getting to meet you in person! Glad your race went well, though sorry you missed your original wave start because of me! I was a bit annoyed with congestion, as I was getting caught behind people walking three or four abreast, and with other runners and cyclists on the path coming from the other direction, was often hard to pass them. I ended up slower than I was hoping due to the weaving and getting stuck. Oh well, overall it was a fun race 🙂

  2. How awesome that you met another blogger! I always see this race advertise at the btn big 10k one. I don’t know if I will ever do it lol

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