Workout DVD Review: 10 Minute Solution – Blast off Belly Flat



Like I said on Monday, I have been doing a lot of fitness DVDs lately. I have been checking out various types of workout DVDs from the library, and then trying them out at home to see if I want to buy them or not. This was the first one I tried out of the bundle I got. I was very happy to start off with this one, because it turned out to be a really great workout.

The thing that was most appealing about this DVD to me was the title- 10 Minute Solution. I thought it would be a great addition to my workout routine, since it was short and focused on the abs. I was a bit concerned that it was only ONE 10 minute workout, but after reading the back of the case, I found out that there was 5 different 10 minute workout segments in the video.

The first day I tested it out I wanted to try a couple of the workouts on the disc, so I chose to do the “Ab Ripper” and “Six Pack Abs Segments”. It was nice because on the menu bar of the DVD you can pick to create your own workout where you can decide which workouts you want to do. This is a nice feature so you don’t have to go back and fourth selecting which ones you want, and can instead pick the ones up front and then let the DVD play and enjoy your workout.

I did the other 3 workouts on another day (“Flat Belly Fast”, “Pilates Perfect”, and “Belly Flat Blaster”) and found all 5 workouts on this DVD to be extremely effective. I think that I am on the advanced side of these types of exercise videos after going through the tough Jillian Michaels DVDs, but some of these moves on this disc really challenged me! And I could definitely feel the burn in my abs during/after, so that’s always a sign that it is working 🙂

Each workout starts with a quick warmup, then about 8 minutes of different ab workouts, and ends with some stretches. There was a variety of different exercises on each segment, and nothing was repetitive. I really enjoyed doing the “Pilates Perfect” workout because I used to do Pilates DVDs a lot, so it kind of made me remember how much I like Pilates and need to bring it back into my workout routine. The “Belly Flat Blaster” incorporated a bunch of different exercises that you definitely wouldn’t think of when it comes to ab exercises, because they were all done standing up.

The instructor in the video was Suzanne Bowen. I had never heard of her before, but she did a really great job of explaining how to do the exercises and would also explain modifications to the exercise.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a great abs DVD to add to their collection. This would be the perfect DVD to bring along with when you are traveling, because you don’t need any equipment and it does not require much floor space at all. A great thing about this workout is you can do as little as 10 minutes, or get a really great exercise in for 50 minutes by doing all 5 exercises. I will definitely end up buying this DVD because I want to incorporate this into my daily exercise routine.



4 thoughts on “Workout DVD Review: 10 Minute Solution – Blast off Belly Flat

  1. Oh, thanks for the review. I’m going to see what type of workout videos our library has! It’s cool that this one has multiple short segments that you can put together the way you want. Do the segments seem to repeat a lot of the same things in each of them?

    • No that’s what I really enjoyed there was variety within the workout and then from workout to workout no moves were repeated! There is a whole series of these “10 Minute Solution” DVDs focusing on different things, I will try more of them out because I really liked this one!

  2. You and these workout DVDs! I wish I could get into them! Lol

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