Weekly Recap (Kathleen)

Monday, August 4th: Rest day

Tuesday, August 5th: Rest day

Wednesday, August 6th: Rest day

Thursday, August 7th: 4.5 miles running (10:36 pace on treadmill)

Friday, August 8th: 4.5 miles running (10:32 pace on treadmill)

Saturday, August 9th: Rest day

Sunday, August 10th: 6.26 miles running (Chicago 10k…1:03:20….10:06 pace!) and 2.74 miles running (10:17 pace on treadmill)= 9 miles running

I didn’t start the week too well, but I was pretty happy with the way it ended! Work was super busy early in the week, so my runs had to be pushed back. Honestly, I need to get use to running multiple days in a row, so I didn’t mind running back to back days. I would have loved to get outside, but when the humidity is nasty and I get out of work late, it’s just easier to go inside on the treadmill!

The week ended with the Chicago 10k! I will post a full recap on Thursday, but I had such a great time!! I got a great shirt (like one of my favorite ones for sure!!) and a huge medal (it’s nice, but for a 10k, it might be a bit much…). I also got to meet a blogger in real life too!! She’s also training for dopey, so it’s nice to finally meet someone who is as crazy as me.

This week will be absolutely crazy too!! Work might be crazy this week too (sometimes it is just what comes up at the time!) and my running mileage hits a high number since my half marathon is a week from Sunday. I’m really looking forward to this half marathon. Not looking to really break any times, but just enjoy the experience, get a great medal and continue on the 50 state challenge!

Have a great week!



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