Upcoming Races in August

Now that I know my schedule with my new job, I’m able to figure out my racing schedule.  It is seriously so weird not to have to worry about late night parties/working all day Saturday and Sunday/and setting up for huge events.  I haven’t quite gotten use to my new schedule, but I know in time, I will.


I finally was able to sign up for my Minnesota half marathon!!  On Monday evening, after triple checking my calendar, I signed up for the Healthy Human Race in late August!  The bling is great and they had a challenge… so why not?!  If I’m planning on running 4 races in a row in January, 2 shouldn’t be that bad right??  So, I’ll be doing a 5k on Saturday night (I’m mostly planning on walking it) and then the half marathon on Sunday.  I’ll get a medal for the 5k and a medal for the half as well as two technical shirts.  I also signed up for the spaghetti dinner after the 5k on Saturday (only $9… great deal!).  In addition, I got my hotel room on priceline (seriously love that site!) for only $65 total (that’s everything including taxes!)—the cheapest hotel on the race website is $72 (probably more when taxes are involved).  The exact same hotel that I got is advertised for $89!  Now I just have to mentally prepare for the 5 hour drive!


In addition, I signed up for the Chicago 10k.  I’ve always wanted to run this race (well, always as in for a few years), but I always had the largest golf tournament the night before, so doing a race the following morning was never in the cards.  Sadly, this race is in 12 days, so I didn’t get any sort of discount—so I had to pay $60 for the race. I also paid $10 for the VIP race day packet pickup (that is totally worth it because it would cost me more than $10 to get downtown  to get my packet) and another $5 to make the shirt a technical shirt instead of cotton (I like working out in race shirts, so technical is a must!).  There is also a medal for this race, so I’m excited about earning that too.

We’ll see what September brings, but for now, August racing is all set!



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Races in August

  1. I just saw this! The race is this morning. How was it?

  2. The Minnesota race sounds fun! I might need to add that to my list for next year 🙂

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