Weekly Recap & August = AB CHALLENGE!

Monday, July 21st: TRX Class

Tuesday, July 22nd: 2 miles running

Wednesday, July 23rd: Bootcamp Class

Thursday, July 24th: 2.24 miles running

Friday, July 25th: 8 miles running

Saturday, July 26th: Jillian Michaels One Week Shred DVD

Sunday, July 27th: Traveling

This past week, I completed my longest run since the marathon – 8 miles on Friday. I had started the run thinking I would only do 7 miles, but I felt pretty good so I kept going! I maintained a 9:16/per mile pace, which was pretty good considering I wasn’t really pushing myself that hard to go fast. I was planning to go to a spinning class on Friday, but after my long run I decided that probably wouldn’t be the best idea for my legs.

On Saturday, I finally tried out the Jillian Michaels One Week Shred DVD. I got this DVD months ago, but have forgotten to use it! The DVD is for people who are looking to shape up fast, but really anyone can do it at any time. BUT, let me warn you…IT IS SO HARD! There are two different workouts, a strength and cardio. If you want to shape up in one week, you are supposed to do the strength in the morning and then the cardio at night. I only had time to try out the strength workout, and even though it is only 30 minutes, I wanted to quit about 20 minutes through! The moves are really advanced, and I have done pretty much all her DVD’s so I know she has challenging exercises, but I wasn’t prepared for how hard these would be! I made it through though and I will definitely try it out again as it was a great workout. One week, I will test it out how it was made to be done and let you know how that goes lol.

Right now, Justin and I are on a short vacation in Colorado. It is so beautiful here! I love that people here are so active, especially with outdoor activities. We have already been hiking and biking, and I am going for a run today. Can’t wait to run in this high altitude! (And, a little nervous!) I will be sure to share all my pics with you once I get back!

Also, CONGRATS to Quentin C. for winning the Armpocket Giveaway!! I hope you enjoy your Armpocket as much as Kathleen and I have!!

Now, onto something I am very excited about sharing with you! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been doing some 30-Day Challenges from this website that Phu told me about. I got through many days on several different challenges, but they were a little boring to me because (at least for the ones I did) they are the same exercises, just an increasing number of reps each day.

I want exercises that focus on my abs, because I know that having a strong core will make me a stronger runner. So I thought to spice up the 30 Day Ab Challenge from that website, I would make my own version of the Ab Challenge that I could do for the month of August. But instead of the four same exercises every day (Crunches, Situps, Leg Lifts, and Planks) I wanted to switch it up a bit. I put together my own plan (click link below for PDF) that I will follow during the month of August, that have a variety of different exercises for each day (except for crunches and planks which I have included every day because I think they are very beneficial). I would love if you would all join me on on this challenge 🙂 It will start this Friday, August 1. Make sure to take a picture of your abs that day so that you can see how much you progress you have made by the end of August!

August Ab Challenge!

The Exercises I Have Included in this Challenge:

Basic Crunch:

Bicycle Crunch:

Sit Up:

Reverse Crunch:

Roll Up:

Leg Lift (Raise):

Plank Jacks:

Mountain Climbers:


Side Plank:

Let me know if you want to join in on the challenge! I don’t want to be all alone!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap & August = AB CHALLENGE!

  1. Wtf you took a perfectly normal 30 challenge and made it insane! Lol but I’m in! But what do I get in the end if I do it?! Lol

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