Vega Sport Energy Bar Review


Recently, I became a SweatPink ambassador and part of being an ambassador allows you the opportunity to test out fitness related products. One of the products that I got to try out was the Vega Sport Energy Bar. I have been using the Energy Bar the past ten days for my various training activities. I received a box of the Chocolate Coconut Almond flavor to test out.


I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant at first about trying out this product. Vega Sport products are plant based and completely “clean” products for athletes to use to help fuel their activities. I’m not a Vegan by any means, so I wasn’t sure first on how these bars would taste (I’ve had Vegan food before that I definitely did not love). Also, most energy bars in general I hate the taste of so I didn’t think these would be any different. These bars promise to provide immediate and sustained energy for your workout, but I doubted that I would actually be able to see a difference in my performance just by taking the product.

Well, my first doubt was proven wrong because these energy bars are DELICIOUS to say the least! They were so rich in flavor and were very moist I really felt like I was eating a brownie! The coconut was not overpowering at all but just enough and I am a big fan of almonds so I was happy that there were plenty of them in the bar as well. Some days, I could only eat half the bar because they were so rich.

My second doubt was also incorrect because I could see a difference in my level of energy in my workouts. The first day I tried out the bar, I was only going to go for a quick two mile run, but during the run I felt like I could go longer so I extended it two extra miles. I also took the bar before my Bootcamp class and felt great throughout the class and was able to keep pushing through the hard circuits while others in my class could not keep up. On my other runs I had while eating the bar beforehand, I felt a similar level of increased energy that I might not have had if I didn’t eat the bar.


Vega Sport has a really cool campaign going on called fuelyourbetterThe main page has different reasons that may be holding you back from performing at your highest ability, and then once you click on the reason you can see how Vega Sport can help you overcome this challenge. My challenge was definitely maintaining my energy throughout the workout, but eating this energy bar definitely helps with this.

Here were some pictures I took while that helped me #fuelyourbetter :

On a hot run in the STL!

On a hot run in the STL!


Feeling great after a run!

Feeling great after a run!

Yummy Vega Sport Energy Bar!

Yummy Vega Sport Energy Bar!



2 thoughts on “Vega Sport Energy Bar Review

  1. Hm I’m going to have to give these a shot. A lot of people seem to like them!

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