Fitbit Love

In March, I won a free Fitbit from the hotel I stayed at for the Little Rock Half Marathon.  After my crazy experience getting home, I was shocked and excited that I won the Fitbit that I signed up for at the hotel on a whim. 

Since getting the Fitbit, it is so cool to watch and see how many steps I can get in a day.  Whether I have a rest day or if I am running loads of miles, you can track how many steps, active minutes, food, sleep, and weight as well.  It also shows you how “bad” you’re doing on rest days or lazy days (we all need those kind of days as well). 

Unfortunately, since starting my new job two weeks ago, I have noticed that I am not putting in as many steps as I use to.  At my old job, I would constantly have to go up and down stairs, set up tables and chairs for events, and I was rarely sitting at my desk.  At my new job, the furthest I have to travel is to my pool deck which is maybe 100 steps away and I only do that a few times a day.  Most of the time, I’m sitting at my desk doing paperwork, going to meetings, or just being “inactive.”  I know the fewer steps will help me when I start marathon training (I won’t be so tired), but I don’t like it right now!

My mom and my sister also have a Fitbit, which makes it really fun to track and see how you are doing compared to others.  Lauren usually always is on top of the leaderboard and since I forget to wear it all the time, I sometimes slip below my mom too! 

For a small investment (the clip on Fitbit costs between $50-60 (this is the one I wear) or the bracelet (higher cost—Lauren has this one)), you can learn a lot about your health from this one small device!  I would highly suggest getting one if you don’t have one yet.  If nothing else, telling your friends you took 30,000 steps (that is usually what I’ll get in a half marathon day) makes you look like a bad ass 🙂


P.S. Still a few hours left to sign up to win an Armpocket!


DISCLAIMER:  I was not given any compensation for my thoughts about the Fitbit.  I won my Fitbit from a raffle at a race weekend from an outside company. 


6 thoughts on “Fitbit Love

  1. I agree, I love my fitbit! It helps me try to be more active since I have a desk job. I started out with the clip on type but got the bracelet type as I kept forgetting to put the clip type on. I leave the bracelet one on all the time and use it to measure my sleep too.

  2. I want to get the bracelet but don’t want to spend the money on it. 😜 However, I can easily spend over $100 on a pair of gym shoes.

  3. Dude Lauren is always on top of the leaderboard! Gah lol

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