Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Monday, July 14th: Rest day
Tuesday, July 15th: 30 minutes elliptical
Wednesday, July 16th: 4.5 miles running (10:31 pace)
Thursday, July 17th: Rest day
Friday, July 18th: 4 miles running (10:45 pace on treadmill)
Saturday, July 19th: Rest day
Sunday, July 20th: 6 miles running (10:38 pace)

Well, this week was super busy since I finally started my new job!! I’m so happy to report in the first week that I am beyond happy and grateful for this new opportunity!! I had to work on Saturday (I’m one of the people in charge of our outdoor pools and it was my “on call” weekend… thank goodness for beautiful weather so it was easy to visit the pools and no one called :)) but was done with everything by 3 pm. No more 2 am bed times 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to my yoga class. I love the instructor but now I’m much further away… I am hoping that I may be able to make the 6 pm class this Tuesday. My muscles are missing it.

But since I work for a park district, I now have access to a great gym that is on my way home from work and has tons of equipment and classes to choose from. I’ll figure out how to get my yoga in there now in the future.

I also made the decision to run my next half at the end of August in Minnesota. I totally forgot that the earlier half– Minnesota Half– is on a Saturday. And since it would take me 6 hours to drive there, it’s not smart to drive after work on Friday to run in a half first thing on Saturday morning. Therefore, it was an easy decision to switch up my schedule for the next half to be at the end of August (the race is on Sunday—so I’ll be able to drive 4 hours easily on Saturday, go to the expo and get some good rest before the race). I’m considering bringing my dog with me too! She’s a very easy traveler (only 12 lb shih tzu) and she does fine being caged during the day. Possibilities!

And you still have a chance to win a free Armpocket armband! —




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