Armpocket Review and GIVEAWAY!


Lauren’s Review: Aero i-10


I have gone through countless armbands always trying to find the perfect one, and usually always end up disappointed in the one I choose. My biggest problem with most of the armbands I have tried is that because I have a pretty small arm, they are always slipping down during my runs. When you are running, the last thing you want to worry about is problems like that. And it really can screw up your whole run when you are constantly pulling up your armband! Another problem I often encounter with armbands is that they fall apart pretty quickly. I am constantly sweating pretty hard during my runs, and I have noticed that many of my armbands just wear down really quickly because of my sweat and constant use. They simply aren’t that durable most of the time.

Now, I run with the Nathan Sonic Boom Armband. I have had it since January, and it really has been the best armband I have owned. It rarely slips and it has proven to be very durable after all the runs I’ve put it through. So, because I am pretty content with my armband, I wasn’t looking around for a new one. When we got contacted by Armpocket to do a review of their product, I agreed but didn’t think I would end up using it that much because I really liked my armband. But I was wrong!

I chose the Armpocket Aero i-10 because it fit the phone that I have (iPhone 4S) and I liked the size and features of it. When I got it in the mail, I tried it the next day during my run and I was really impressed. For one, I didn’t have to take off my phone case – the phone fit in there very easily with the case still on. This is nice because with my other armband, I always have to take off the case and then I sometimes forget to put back on the case after my run (which caused the screen of my phone to shatter one day after I forgot to put my case on and dropped it later that day 😦 ). Thus, it is very convenient with this armband to be able to leave it on.

Another nice feature of the Armpocket Aero i-10 is there is a headphone outlet at the top and the bottom of the case, so when I FINALLY upgrade to the iPhone 5 one day, I will still be able to use this case. Additionally, even though the case is not overly large, there is enough room to put your keys in it, and any cards (ID, debit card, etc.) or gels you might want to take with you during the run. This is a nice feature because I usually put my key in my shoe and just hope that it doesn’t somehow come out during my run!

I ran with it the first time for just a few miles and pretty much found no faults with it, and I was very happy to find out that the Armpocket did not slip at all! One thing that was a little annoying was that it is kind of bulky. It is much thicker than the one I normally use (that one is super slim and my phone sometimes even has a hard time fitting in!), so it took a while to get used to. But now that I have ran with it several times, it’s really not that bad and doesn’t seem as bulky. I think the Armpocket Aero I-10 will be especially useful during the winter months, when I have more layers on and probably won’t notice the bulkiness at all. Another thing I didn’t love was that in order to change to volume, I have to unzip the Armpocket, adjust the volume, and then zip it back up. My other armband is more convenient for this because I can just click on the volume and not have to worry about zipping and unzipping. But if you just make sure the volume is right before you go on your run, then you won’t have this problem.

There were some issues I had with the Armpocket Aero I-10, but overall I really liked the product. I have used it for many runs and have found it to be very useful and convenient. My favorite feature is how much stuff I can fit into the Armpocket. So many running shorts/pants do not have pockets, so this product makes up for that. I would really recommend this armband to fellow runners, and now you are able to win one for yourself! Enter the Rafflecopter below, and like Armband on Facebook or follow on Twitter for your chance to win!

Kathleen’s Review: Armpocket i-25


A few months ago, I received an amazing armband from a company called Armpocket.  I was given the opportunity to select which model I wanted and I chose the i-25 model.  It’s a little bulkier than some of the other models, but I wanted the bulkier model for keys, my iphone, occasional jelly beans, and other necessities.

Pros of this armband:

–Fits all my stuff

–Has slots for headphones

–Armband fits tightly but not too tight

–Extremely durable—can withstand rain too!

–Easy to clean if it gets dirty

–Zipper does not slip or come loose while you’re running

Cons for the armband:

–I really cannot think of anything—some people may not like how bulky it is… but you could choose if you wanted a smaller one.  The big one works for me!  I’d rather have my keys on my armband than having to carry them while I’m running!



3 thoughts on “Armpocket Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. ArmPocket was my first armband and although I have bought an Ironman one since, the ArmPocket is still my favorite one and is still used often by me on my longer runs. I love that I can fit a key, and a card in it with my phone. It has lasted me over 1,000 miles and I can only hope that it lasts 1,000 more.

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