Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Monday, July 7th: Rest day
Tuesday, July 8th: Rest day
Wednesday, July 9th: 4 miles running (10:42 pace)
Thursday, July 10th: Rest day
Friday, July 11th: Rest day
Saturday, July 12th: 4 miles running (10:53 pace)
Sunday, July 13th: 8 miles running (10:50 pace on treadmill)

This week was a super busy one in running and at work. Since it was my final week at work, I put in lots of extra time finishing up some final projects and I’m happy to say my final few days were pretty stress free.

Yesterday, I started my new job! I’m so excited because it is exactly what I really want to do. Another perk of the job is that I mostly work Monday thru Friday… what?! I don’t know what it’s like to have Saturdays and/or Sundays off if I haven’t requested it off. This will also be super helpful with my running… no more worrying about getting enough sleep to get up early for a morning run. I cannot wait!!

With that being said, I’m still figuring out my next half marathon. I want to do the Healthy Human Race, but realistically I’ll be fully trained by Minnesota Half time. If I do the Minnesota Half, I might be able to squeeze in another race in September 🙂 We’ll see!!

This upcoming week will be challenging again too as my miles pick up but my new job really picks up too!! Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a cross training session this week too with my new fitness membership at my new job!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Congrats on the new job! Glad it’s going well so far, and that you’re getting to do something you enjoy. Having weekends to yourself will definitely play a big role in your training — I always wondered how people who worked weekends fit in those long runs!

    • Yes, finding time to do long runs when you work the weekends is next to impossible. What I would usually do was do my long run, go home shower, hopefully get a nap in (sometimes…most of the time not), and then go to work usually from 8-12 hours. It was horrible!! So happy not to have to deal with late nights and drunks anymore 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to hear more about the new job. And yay for having Saturday and Thursday off!

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