Weekly Recap – Lauren

Monday, June 30th: 1 mile running

Tuesday, July 1st: 1 mile running

Wednesday, July 2nd: Bootcamp Class

Thursday, July 3rd: 3.5 miles running

Friday, July 4th: Rest day

Saturday, July 5th: Freedom 4 Miler Race

Sunday, July 6th: 6.3 miles running

Slowly but surely, I am recovering from the marathon! It’s funny because by now, I really feel fine and I only can tell that I am still recovering when I run longer distances, my legs get pretty tired quicker than they were before. But I am still able to run at a fast speed, and I was able to do that for my race this past Saturday, where I beat my time from last year at that same race by almost 6 minutes! More on that race later this week though.

This week, I had a lot of little runs, my short race on Saturday, and just went out on Sunday and ran for about an hour which is why I ended up with 6.3 miles. I am following Hal Higdon’s Post Marathon Recovery Plan so that I don’t over exert myself and get injured. This week I will be in Week 3 post-marathon, and I am finally able to do some longer runs midweek which I have been looking forward to.

One thing that I am kinda of bummed about is my next race isn’t until September 7, about 2 months! I have been looking for more races to add, but since St. Louis is extremely hot in both July and August, there really aren’t even that many races that I could participate in. And the ones that there are, I happen to be busy on. I am hoping that I can at least find one before then, because I really love races and they are also great motivation for training.



One thought on “Weekly Recap – Lauren

  1. Sounds like you’re recovering just fine! That’s great. I was a hot mess after Dopey…it took me WEEKS to start to feel like myself again. Plus, there was the whole matter of the fact that I just didn’t feel like running in the first place, haha. I never even thought to do a post-marathon plan! I know what you mean about feeling bummed when you don’t have a race in the near future. It’s a sickness. Haha. 😉

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