Weekly Review (Lauren)& Macklind Mile Recap

At the beginning of last week, I felt like I would never walk the same again! I felt like about an 80 year old person on Monday and maybe about a 70 year old on Tuesday. I was so sore! But by Wednesday, I really started to feel so much better, so I decided to go out for my first run since the marathon. I only went two miles and even though I felt so much better, my legs were much more tired than they would normally be after only 2 miles! But I took it nice and easy because I didn’t want to strain myself too hard. Here was a quick look at my week:

Monday, June 23rd: Rest day

Tuesday, June 24th: Rest day

Wednesday, June 25th: 2 miles running

Thursday, June 26th: Rest day

Friday, June 27th: 3.11 miles running

Saturday, June 28th: 1 mile running (Macklind Mile Race)

Sunday, June 29th: 6.22 miles running

On Saturday, I ran the Macklind Mile which is a quick, 1 mile race in St. Louis. It’s a really fun race because it’s basically over before it starts and it’s a good place to have a PR because it’s a mostly downhill course. Last year I ran it in 7:41 which was the first time I had ever run a mile under 8 minutes. This year, I wasn’t sure what to expect because even though I was feeling much better, I was still so tired. Phu was down for the weekend, so she did the race with Justin and I. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself to get a PR, but I ended up getting one anyways – 6:59! Last year, I broke an 8 minute mile for the first time and this year I broke a 7 minute mile for the first time, so next year I will shoot for under 6 ….. haha! JK!

Phu and I before heading off to the race

Phu and I before heading off to the race

My 10K run on Sunday really felt great. The weather was perfect and my legs were feeling much more “fresh”, and I feel like I could have ran even longer but I stopped because I didn’t want to push myself too hard. I have to remind myself that I just ran a marathon a little over a week ago, and that I am still technically in recovery mode. So even though I want to run longer and faster, I just need to take it a bit easier so that I don’t injure myself.

This Saturday, Justin and I will be running in the Freedom 4 Miler. We did this race last year, but it was in downtown St. Louis and this year it is moving to Forest Park and the St. Louis Zoo. I am really looking forward to it and will talk about it more in my blog tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Weekly Review (Lauren)& Macklind Mile Recap

  1. Yup! I’ve totally been there. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you bounce back, but that first week or two can be ROUGH. Take it slow and easy, and you’ll be back to business before you know it. The fact that you went ahead and ran a 10K is awesome, BTW! Oh, and that 4-miler sounds like such a fun race! 🙂

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