Weekly Recap and #PosturePledge Products

Monday, June 23rd: Rest day

Tuesday, June 24th: 3 miles running (10:36 pace)

Wednesday, June 25th: Rest Day

Thursday, June 26th: Rest Day (missed yoga due to meeting L)

Friday, June 27th: Rest day

Saturday, June 28th: 3 miles running (10:38 pace)

Sunday, June 29th: 6 miles running (11:02 pace on treadmill)

Wow, what a crazy week for me!  Unfortunately, I do not want to share my good news just yet, but my weekly running had to be altered due to some exciting news for me 🙂  I’ll share more this week when it’s all finalized.

My parents are coming up this week with the holidays, so my schedule will be a bit different this week too.  In addition, yoga is cancelled this week and next week :(.  I’m hoping I can make up the class I missed the following week!

A few weeks ago, I talked a bit about the #posturepledge.  I was also sent two products to try out.  I must admit, life has been super hectic/stressful/crazy/busy, that I haven’t been able to use the products as much as I wanted to yet.  I wanted to show you the products I received.  I’ll be doing a review of them soon, I promise, but I just haven’t had the time to devote to using them as much as I need to right now.

First, I got this Backjoy Stress Roller.  It’s much like a foam roller, but very small and compact, so you can take it on the go.  There is also a whole small booklet of different ways to use the roller.  I think this will be great to use when I’m going on running vacations in the future.


Also, I got this Backjoy Posture Seat.  It’s supposed to help you sit up straighter.  Again, it’s been in my car for the week, but I haven’t used it yet.  I work in a busy golf course, so I don’t want my staff to see me using it and wondering what’s wrong with me… haha.  They are always making fun of my running obsession anyway, so I don’t want to give them more ammo.


I promise I’ll do a full review of these products soon once life starts to get calmer for me!



One thought on “Weekly Recap and #PosturePledge Products

  1. Sounds like you have some great news coming!

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