Three Things Thursday

Unfortunately, I do not have time to do the blog review for the posture device I received today L  I’ve been super busy at work and in my personal life over the past 2 days, so just a quick post from me today 🙂

1—Humidity and Heat in the Midwest

— Well, Summer is officially upon us in the Chicagoland area!!  This makes running less than pleasant outside.  I got up early on Tuesday and got in 3 miles before work.  It wasn’t too hot yet (only 68 when I left) but the humidity was a different story.  And unfortunately, I forgot a headband at home, so by mile 2 sweat was dripping into my eyes.  Those headbands really do work!!   So needless to say, my days of getting my shorter runs in during the afternoon have gone away for the time being 😦

2—Figuring out my next race

— Well, my next race was/is suppose to be the Minnesota Half at the beginning of August in St Paul.  Since I’ve been super busy lately with personal stuff, which may change my availability for that weekend (sorry I’m being super vague right now!), I wanted to find another half to do in Minnesota just in case that one didn’t work.  Now, I’ve found an amazing race.  It’s called the Healthy Human Race and it’s near the end of August in Rochester, Minnesota.  There are a few pros to the Healthy Human Race:

  • Jeff Galloway will be in attendance and at the expo/race!!  Who the heck won’t want to meet this legend?!  I was literally arms length away from Bart Yasso in Little Rock and was too scared to talk to him… I am such an idiot sometimes!
  • Featured expo speaker—Apollo Anton Ono!
  • Amazing medal… way bigger and fancier than Minnesota Half
  • Has an expo (Minnesota Half just has a packet pick up)
  • 2 hours closer than St. Paul—but doesn’t have the Mall of America like St. Paul does L

Therefore, I’m pretty sure the Healthy Human Race will be my next half in Minnesota.  The runner in me likes the bling, speakers and expo more than just the Mall of America.  Besides, I’m pretty sure my mom would like to go to the Mall of America someday, so I’d just wait to go with her.

3—Dopey Challenge Training Starts on Tuesday!!

— Dopey Challenge Training officially begins on Tuesday!!  I’m using the Galloway method to get me thru 48.6 miles of fun and I cannot imagine how I would survive if I didn’t use his plan.  Pretty soon, we’ll be booking our hotel and flight.  I’m still saving my money like crazy so I can get some great souvenirs and have an amazing time without worrying about racking up debt on my credit card.  Since I will be running 2 half marathons before Dopey (Minnesota and Detroit), I’ll have to alter my plans slightly, but it will probably just mean I’ll end up running a little bit more before mid October.

That is all for this Thursday… I promise I’ll have my posture product review next Monday and hopefully my life will calm down a bit 🙂



2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I mean this in the nicest way possible but please don’t say “I am such an idiot sometimes!” because you are not. I met Bart Yasso before and he is a cool guy. Oh, and Jeff Galloway is nice too. Hopefully you can run with him at Dopey.

    Yay, for Dopey training.

    • Yeah, he seemed super cool!! I was a little “star struck”… but I’m hoping that I won’t be too nervous to say hello to Jeff or Apollo in August :). And yes, running with Jeff would be amazing!! 🙂
      Dopey training right now seems just a little Dopey…hahaha 🙂

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